How to deal with the rough patch if you want to get back to your ex?

Two minutes of silence to those people who think that getting back to an ex-partner is declaring themselves as losers. You don't have any idea how difficult and how much mental strength a person needs to back to one's ex-partner, especially after an intense breakup. If you want to get back to your ex-partner and if you strive hard to settle things up in a better way in your relationship, it specifies that you still love that person. Love isn't simple and hence the patch up phase after a filthy breakup is going to be rough. So, you must be prepared to experience every single consequence while repairing your relationship with your ex.

Be consistent and never step back no matter what happens while fixing your relationship with your ex. It is going to be a terrible journey, be prepared to face storms to witness the clear sky further. If you sign up for dealing with the rough patch, you need to complete the journey without giving up.

Don't expect your ex to behave the way you wanted him/her to behave with you, after seeing you or texting you after a long time. Confirmation is important. Ask your partner about wellness, daily routine, current situations, and try to slowly approach the current dating life. Proceed only if your ex-partner confirms that he/she isn't seeing anyone after you so that you can still have a chance to get back to them.