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How to deal with the rough patch if you want to get back to your ex?

Two minutes of silence to those people who think that getting back to an ex-partner is declaring themselves as losers. You don't have any idea how difficult and how much mental strength a person needs to back to one's ex-partner, especially after an intense breakup. If you want to get back to your ex-partner and if you strive hard to settle things up in a better way in your relationship, it specifies that you still love that person. Love isn't simple and hence the patch up phase after a filthy breakup is going to be rough. So, you must be prepared to experience every single consequence while repairing your relationship with your ex.

Be consistent and never step back no matter what happens while fixing your relationship with your ex. It is going to be a terrible journey, be prepared to face storms to witness the clear sky further. If you sign up for dealing with the rough patch, you need to complete the journey without giving up.

Don't expect your ex to behave the way you wanted him/her to behave with you, after seeing you or texting you after a long time. Confirmation is important. Ask your partner about wellness, daily routine, current situations, and try to slowly approach the current dating life. Proceed only if your ex-partner confirms that he/she isn't seeing anyone after you so that you can still have a chance to get back to them.

Please don't irritate your ex-partners with small talks. Be normal and talk the way how you always used to talk to them, but in a bit appealing way. Show your concern and your affection for them. There's nothing a "Sorry" couldn't fix. Instead of struggling with deciding who's wrong, it's better to say sorry to conceal the patch. Because, in a relationship, a person can never be wrong, only a situation can be wrong. Hence, you won't be degraded if you take the initiative in apologizing to your ex-partner. Some people expect that single word before continuing further and if you want someone back, fulfill their least expectations first.

And if you are too egoistic to apologize or if you don't want to time travel backward by ruminating the breakup situation, then never talk about that situation in your life. Ignore it completely and let your partner understand that you are over it, and you don't want to discuss it. Do you know how to conceal a rough patch without apologizing? By being a better person than before, by fulfilling the promises instead of breaking them, by providing extra care, love, and affection, and especially by putting more effort in your relationship!

After all of your attempts, fortunately, if your ex-partner accepts to get back with you to become your current partner like old times, then celebrate the moment in a good way to mark it as the best moment. Celebrate your togetherness, make it up for all the moments you missed in your post-breakup phase, talk about the near future, talk about the past without her, and tell him everything he missed out.

Spend some quality time to have conversations and understand each other better. Don't promise too much just because your ex came back to you. Be subtle and sober. Don't exaggerate things. Take some time and give each other some space before getting together completely.

If you were a live-in couple, and you moved out after the breakup, then wait for your partner to ask you to move-in again. Because if you are the one who wants to get back with your ex-partner after a weird breakup, wait for the things to settle back, patiently instead of rushing up things. A couple needs a good amount of time to get back to each other, especially while dealing with the rough patch.

Focus on the issue of why you broke up with your partner in the first place. Scrutinize the situation and realize the loopholes. Miscommunication, Misunderstanding, and Time Management are the three major issues in every breakup. Try focusing on them ad try not to repeat them by talking to each other, because it gives you the finest solutions if you talk it out.

Are you the person who got the perfect closure from your partner after the breakup and realized your mistake? Do you however want to get back to your ex and confident that he/she will accept you? Then yeah, be prepared to face all the tantrums from your partner. Handle it as your punishment for your wrongdoings. If your partner ignores your existence, then don't even try. If your partner reacts with frustration furiously, then there are high chances that you can get back to him/her again. After two slaps in your face, expect a kiss for sure!

Sex is the ultimate form of showing love. Rough patches can be concealed and dealt with rough sex. Some people express their sadness and guiltiness through sex and at the same time some people try to forgive their partners by having intense physical intimacy. Here, the sensual, exotic, and erotic feelings don't play a major role. Only the feeling of togetherness and happiness of getting back to each other, make a couple participate in intense rough sex. There will be a pain in the form of punishment, and there will be a pleasure in the form of forgiveness and that's how sexual contact plays a vital role in major couple patch-ups.

There are many ways to get back to our loved ones, but all you need is the will to put the effort into getting back to them! That's how the breakup rough patch can be concealed in a relationship like a scar. But one thing, you can never forget that scar for sure but you can create moments which make you not remember that particular scar and it completely depends on you!

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