How to deal with the 'hall pass' scenario in your relationship!

Have you watched the movie "Hall pass"? Well, almost everyone is aware of the theme of the term even though particularly people aren't aware of this term that can make one's romantic relationship spicier and sometimes may ruin it completely. This scenario is delicate, and it must be handled with maturity and understanding capability. The hall pass is nothing but having a sexual desire for someone out of the relationship, especially on particular personalities, celebrities or someone a person feels sensually attracted to.

It surely promotes a fun aspect in a romantic relationship between two individuals as a couple to allow one's partner to fantasise or sometimes get sexually involved with other people without creating any discomfort or disturbance in an intimate bond. It is reasonably common to desire someone other than your partner and no one wants to lose an opportunity in having sex with some kind of celebrity one is truly attracted to, attached and followed for ages. It's a human tendency of embracing one's erotic fantasies but it is quite a rare situation in any couple, specifically monogamous couples because entertaining one's partner's urge for intimacy with another person is unimaginable. In this modern scenario, couples take things pretty easy and flexible but what if you or your partner constantly entertain that rare aspect of the hall pass scenario in your relationship?

This is when things start to fall apart and couples divert from each other in the search of fulfilling their carnal desires with other people under the name of multiple hall passes in a relationship. Hence, a couple needs to open up about such fragile feelings and know how to deal with them maturely.

Needless to say, communication is key and when you undergo such an urge for someone you desire the most by getting involved romantically or sexually, you must confront the situation without suppressing it. The more you try to hide it, the more your desire becomes deep and it sometimes forces you to take regretful decisions too. So, you need to discuss it openly by explaining what runs in your mind with your partner but before that make sure you are ready to bring this topic out con