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How to control feelings smartly during your observational dating phase!

One of the dating phases that gives a clear perspective for a person to go ahead in one's romantic life and also one of the dating phases which people hardly give a thought about, is the observational dating phase. This is the period that comes right before getting into serious commitments with the people we love. This is the period in which a person must think practically instead of emotionally to make sure one is getting into something ever-evolving instead of getting into something abruptly crashing. To get clarity, one must not get confused with the involvement of various feelings and emotions especially during the phase that includes deeper observations and analysis regarding your partner.

Initially, no one cares about logic as they get drifted away with the magic of love. Hence, a person may fall in love with any kind of person with one's matching interests, tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes. We get along with the similarities and don't notice the differences during the initial stages of dating. Especially when you are in love, nothing seems fishy and even though you sense something bad, you always try to skip it off by ignoring red flags in your relationship with your dating partner.

After hanging out, roaming around, going out for dinner, lunches, shopping, movies, fooling around sensually, fucking around sexually, involving into each other emotionally, exploring together personally and professionally, there comes a moment in any couple's dating period to take a further serious step to get into a meaningful bond that includes roles and responsibilities in a relationship. This is the very phase where couples may either break up or survive their romantic bonds. The outcomes are purely based on a person's attentiveness in the observational dating phase.

You will get to know the reality of your partner only when you observe him/her properly from all angles. If you keep skipping red flags in your bond, you surely face unpredictable consequences later. Who knows you partner could be a player who uses you for his sexual pleasures, could be a cheap stake who relies on your money all the time, could be an emotional disaster who wouldn't know how to handle some grave situations, could be someone who pushes your limits to match with typical body standards, could be a drama queen who always tries to create ripples in relationship to get what one wants no matter what could be someone who party a lot and do nothing, could be someone who disrespects you and never know your worth. Altogether, during this observational dating phase, you will get to know the true colors of your dating partner. Indeed, this stage is the last filter you can ever use before getting committed or hitched, or engaged.

But never see everything from a negative perspective. You shouldn't act like a judgmental partner soon after stepping into this phase. You need to remain the same and get along with the happenings of your relationship. You don't have to specifically observe every move of your partner because soon after roles and responsibilities come into the picture, some people behave completely different and this is when you will get to know the real personality of your partner. Hence, you shouldn't particularly behave in a strict mode as if you are going to judge every aspect of your partner. If you do that, you may lose someone who's a deserving partner to you. So, try to control your emotions and feelings smartly.

Anger and possessiveness are two interrelated emotions that may ruin one's relationship completely. Try to understand the scenario first and then react. Just because you are in love with your partner, it doesn't mean you have the right to restrict your partner's freedom of thoughts and expressions. In the process of observing, you may easily get angry and may act doubtfully out of slight possessiveness. Love is all about trust. So, instead of seeing your partner as someone who's going to cheat on you, you should see him/her as someone who's going to be your future partner forever. Take time, notice things and then react. Stop using the emotions of anger, doubtfulness, possessiveness, and overprotectiveness more than required.

Humans can't be completely happy and satisfied. So, if you feel utmost happiness in your relationship and think that you are satisfied with your partner, then you must recheck your emotional stability in your romantic relationship. Do you feel complete with your partner? Look whether your partner shares everything with you, not only blissful moments but also tragic ones because that melange of reciprocating emotions is important in a relationship. If that's missing out, then you also miss something important to know. Confront your partner and get the clarity you need.

Relationships don't flourish just with the help of the emotion of love. Financial requirements, societal needs, personal desires, professional improvements, emotional attachments, substantial developments must be met with your ongoing relationship with your partner. If at least one thing misses out, you surely feel that missing aspect forever in your romantic life. If your partner provides you the utmost sensual pleasure in bed but never supports you financially and emotionally, then that relationship has no meaning and your partner might be using you as a mode of fulfilling materialistic pleasures. Wake up and notice the little things and changes, soon after you decide to make your relationship official and public because that's when you can filter the real personality of your partner.

You need to act smartly with your feelings and balance them out beautifully regardless of the consequences you encounter with your partner. If a person fulfills all the necessities of a flourishing relationship, you can go ahead and try to build a life together even though you know you may face a few barriers. But if your partner fails to meet the essentials of your relationship and lacks a pure portrayal of love, then you need to make a decision that improves your life even though it leaves some sadness in your romantic life.

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