How to come out of Trivial love !

Trivial Love, the bond which can be toxic for people who are in romantic relationships, because the emotions become insignificant and of less value and importance. And still, people blindly believe to imbibe all the emotions to make their partners happy without considering their happiness. One or the other day, the bond evaporates and leave people in the dark phase. Unlike Love, trivial love is both temporary and permanent.

One way, the couple can travel through the phase of trivial love in their relationship and can come back to the normal phase after rectifying the disturbances in their relationships. The other way, trivial love can make people go away from each other by breaking up the relationships as their permanent solutions to deal with the phase of Trivial Love. Unfortunately, we millennials, totally depending on the latter way. We hardly give a damn about repairing because we are so habituated of replacing, like our smartphones.

But in any pure relationship, in a couple, if one person never wants to give up on another, then that person tries his/her ass off to stay in the relationships and make them last longer, forever and ever. To make it happen, they must come out of the dark phase of trivial love and hence they must follow a few things to get back to a normal shape in their emotional relationships.

  • As efforts play a prominent role in any relationship, one must game up the level of efforts he/she wants his/her, partner, to notice and acknowledge. Faking doesn't help. So one must willfully put extra efforts to impress their partners.

  • Some people act stubborn and stupid in noticing the efforts of their partners. Make them understand your value by making them feel the emptiness of your existence in their life for a few days. Surely, they will notice the absence of your efforts and start acknowledging you further.