How to be a non "User"-friendly in gay dating scenario!

Using people has become a trend in the current millennial dating scenario because, some humans love things than they love people and are known as the dating users who use people under the name of love, emotions, feelings, attachments, connections, and bonds. Previously, the dating scenario was significantly limited and people mostly used to meet (secretly) to understand each other, but now, everything is happening online including the dating process too. Virtually, people are falling for each other and going apart from each other and also using each other in many possible ways!

The gay dating scenario is not an exception in the context of the availability of these kinds of users, who use other gay men to get whatever they desire. These are very hard to spot in the initial stages, C’mon, no one comes with a tag that "I use you and throw you away like trash" in their bios right. Hence, everyone, especially the guys with good looks and charm who can be completely manipulative, is always accepted by the general crowd in terms of dating because who doesn't like hanging out with a good-looking person? Sarcastically, we all need good looks and nothing else. With this typical mindset, many homosexual men are falling for these users and becoming their prey every single day in many ways.

Of course, users are the people who use others mostly, financially and that depends on a person's financial stability. But that's not the only thing users do. Some users may use you physically for sex, emotionally for love, psychologically for ego satisfaction, mentally for knowledge and wisdom, financially for money. A user always finds his ways to come and stop at one point at which he wants to use you in a particular aspect, and this is when you must sense the intentions of your so-called dating partner and get rid of him. This makes you non-user-friendly in your gay dating scenario.

Feelings are important but financial stability and financial independence are also important. Hence, before approaching or before investing your emotions in a person, you must check his ability to feed himself. It may seem materialistic, but you must be practical enough not to fall into a trap in which you end up feeding your dating partner's silly petty expenses.

Give gifts and encourage your dating-boyfriends with true spirit and emotion, but not with your money. Users take it as an advantage and target you every time by exhibiting their feelings to grab some sympathy out of you and they only get convinced when you treat them financially in terms of shopping or grand gestures of just plain money! Yes, users have a side of gold-digging personality!

Generally, these users don't work or just work for the sake of nothing and they start completely relying on you or others behind you by simply making you the center of their world, which is another biggest lie. If you sense your dating partner is behind you for your money and if he depends on you for his every single expense, confront him without hesitating a bit. Because if you don't and if you become blindfolded under the emotion of love, then you will be screwed up badly because later you neither have a person nor the money you spent. Simple!

If you meet someone online who makes you believe in him by sending pictures and talking sweetly on the phone regularly just to ask you for some financial aid one particular day, don't commit to the help. Instead, divert the conversation for a video call. Talk to him face to face, virtually or personally. And wait for a better connection and if you feel like aiding him, then carry on! Most of the users don't take the chance in revealing their true identities, if you sense you are being cat-fished, hit the block button without thinking twice!

In gay dating apps, we meet many faceless pricks who are not at all open in revealing their appearances and identities but they demand others to be completely naked. These are the users who target people to satisfy their horny moods or the worse, they may take screenshots of your virtual presence and may blackmail you later for money. If you aren't open, then don't get trapped by another closeted faceless person online. Try to make conversations with open people, straightforward, and trustworthy with whom you feel sharing your feelings.

Does your dating partner always want to see you in bed; naked, every chance he gets to hang out with you? Do you feel his horny moods more than the emotion of love? Be alert, you are maybe getting used physically to satisfy his erotic fantasies. Any gay man can come into this category, but it depends on you. If you want someone to use you physically for sex and if you are okay with it, then it's fine hooking up with such users. But, if you are a person who believes in love but ended up having uncomfortable sex to satisfy your dating partner, then it's not at all worth it.

Some gay men are so low in their lives and emotionally they lack people in their life because of various issues. And these people are emotional users who may drain your patience for sure. These users don't ask for money, but these surely ask you to be with them every single minute all day, virtually or personally. These users are too clingy, and they don't let you breathe with their unnecessary emotions, pity tales, unbearable feelings. They don't ask about you, but they always want you to ask about them. These emotional users are really hard to escape. Initially, you may feel it as love, but after some time you will get to know that you are being used emotionally when you see them happy with others but only sad, tragic, and extremely emotional and never happy with you.

Be it gifting or helping financially or having sex or sharing emotions, everything must be in control and every single of them must be equally balanced in dating life. You need to date someone who spends on you, also who accepts your financial help, who participates in sex with mutual consent and mostly when you are comfortable, who share every kind of emotion whenever they are required to be portrayed, most importantly who makes you feel complete and not left out in a particular aspect in your dating scenario. If you miss any single of them or if you are being treated as someone's special only in a particular aspect, then you must come out of that particular person's dating world, because it's no good for you!

Being friendly can get you many gay men in your dating life but being 'user-friendly' can get into those gay men who use you to the core and leave you just like a piece of trash! So, be aware!