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How the Queer must fight Social Media Criticism!

Social media platforms are booming in the current scenario with its wide range of communications, technology, and techniques of connecting people from every nook and corner of the world. Social media is the virtual world and addictive to the core. People love to live in the virtual world than the real world these days. We all are just breathing air for the sake of our life, but we all made our homes and living in the virtual world. Social media platforms are making the children of this generation unaware of mingling other kids in the playground because they are getting addicted to virtual communications than real-life attachments. People from every age criteria are making use of social media platforms. Some in a good way and some in the worst way in trolling others.

Celebrities always get attacked to troll in these social media platforms and they ignore them like a piece of shit. Some comment on them and some ignore as if nothing has happened. After the celebrities, the LGBT community of India is getting trolled and bashed badly with annoying, weird, abusive, degrading, disappointing and demotivating comments from the people who act anonymously all the time in their screwed-up lives. People who are open to society by coming out as homosexual, bisexual or transgender, they get attacked with ridiculous comments than other people.

Criticism is everywhere. It's in our homes, workplaces, public places, and within ourselves sometimes. Criticism is healthy in a few ways in developing one's mindset strongly. Criticism is only good when a person comments on our faces directly so that we can revert him/her with an answer. But social media criticism is not something like that. When we can't see a person who is commenting and criticizing us, we feel a bit awkward, anger, demotivated and sometimes people feel depressed with the social pressures. This happens with many queer people especially who come out to society and living their life the way they love. There are many reasons why people criticize the queer all time and people must fight against all odds and crush all the social media critics. This is how a queer person should handle social media criticism:

  • Always keep this in your mind that if you are being criticized, it clearly says that you are learning, excelling, trying new or being someone different from the normal crowd. Embrace it and don't get embarrassed by it or by yourself.

  • People are attention seekers. They always need something interesting to target to just fill the gaps in their screwed-up lives. They purposefully provoke you and comment on your every single post to get your attention on them. They criticize badly to seek some attention. Don't give a damn about it. Ignore them or just block them off.

  • Sarcastic replies to the critics act like a bang on your profiles. Be sarcastic at the core with the people who degrade you with their comments on your profile. So that, the people who want to troll you can look into your sassy badass comments and step back. Sometimes being bad for bad people always keep you in a good position.

  • Never take criticism on social media so seriously, especially from the anonymous shitty people. Just move on and do whatever you want to do. If you bother them too much, they make you feel depressed and demotivated. They will make you step back, which you should never do.

  • If a person passes a comment or acting as a critic regarding your posts healthily so that you can improve in your life, take it and thank that person instead of arguing with him. Healthy criticism is always good for a person to improve and keep up the work.

  • If a person always comments negatively about your posts, dressing sense, openness, your effeminate soul, your gayness or anything related to your aura, then treat him as your fan. Because these may love or hate you, but can never ignore you. Just ignore their bad comments and be happy for a comment count on your posts. Be sassy!

  • If you are getting trolled so badly, which you feel that you cannot handle such abusive comments, do not get afraid of such instances. Just upload another post portraying your "No fucks given" personality and let people know that no one can stop you. This will work and people give up on trolling you.

  • Some people who criticize the queer people are themselves are from the queer community. They are hidden and perverts. They just act as straight to convince others regarding their sexual orientation and some are quite jealous of how you wrap your every day the way you love. So ignore those closeted bitches and these jealous bastards. They are not ballsy like you. So keep calm and enjoy the unnecessary attention they give you.

  • Life is all about choices. If you want to fight social media criticism by being there and commenting on every single critic, you must need self-control and handling abilities. If you are not good at it, do not argue with those faceless creeps and spoil your mood. And you can always take a break from social media if you think that it is too much for you to handle.

  • Social media criticism cannot do anything for us until and unless we start reacting to those annoying attention seekers, desperate people, sex addicts, jobless people, low mindsets and cheap personalities. So if you want to fight the criticism, start making peace with yourself and also to your critics. If they don't listen to your peace pace, then go ahead for war and unquestionably settle those bastards.

  • Rather than getting depressed for social media criticism, try standing against them and fight for your space by crushing them into the deepest core of the virtual world. And always think that social media platforms are just a part of the virtual world. Only a few instances out of them become reality in your life. It's better to maintain perfect space between your real-world and virtual world. This will help you manage yourself and your social media activities perfectly.

At the end of the day, if you chose to lead your life the way you love, no one has right to question you, your orientation and your abilities because it's none of their business. And if they still intrude you, then they are fucking morons and has nothing to do with their life. When you are focused on one important aspect of your life, concentrate on it and don't dilute it by taking all the criticism you face on social media platforms. Do you think that you must waste time on people who don't even dare to face you and comment on you directly?

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