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How the Queer must defeat the fate!

The title itself is controversial and the most difficult thing in the whole world. Are you serious? Do you think that you defeat your fate and win over it? Sorry for bringing you down, you can't until and unless you face some serious barriers in your life. Fate is stronger than anyone of us. It rules the humankind and many times, it becomes the reason for the utmost happiness and horrific disasters in a person's life.

Everyone in this world has to face fate every single day and it is quite unpredictable. And forget about these astrologers, fortune tellers, and tarot readers, no matter whatever they, if fate has a plan of throwing to the wolves, that will surely happen. You can't escape from it. But at the same time, you can get back after falling to try defeating the fate till it shifts the path to some other person. If you start to entertain the fate, it will treat you like a piece of entertainment in return. So, don't play with it and get played with it. Just focus on defeating it at any cost.

In a queer person's life, there would be a hell lot of moments, where he/she couldn't express how they feel about what they feel. The fate of a person from the queer community comes with a tag of struggling throughout life for the aspects of acceptance, love, respect, and freedom. It is like a mandatory factor in any queer person's life. Because unlike the others, queer people have to struggle with themselves and also with the society. The struggle of knowing their personalities, changes, preferences, orientations is inescapable. And after this struggle, still, a queer person has to struggle for his/her kin and kith's acceptance. Meanwhile, the struggle of investing proper emotions in a romantic relationship with a fellow queer person would be added. The struggles of judgmental criticism are always there since childhood. There are too many struggles a queer person faces in his/her lifetime. The struggles come to the extent which a person struggles to even think about the struggles.

Fate design all these struggles to these people who are queer. Some give up on their lives and get defeated by fate. But some stand like an unshakable rock no matter how many waves hit them. They stand still by facing all sorts of natural disasters. Likewise, these strong people face all these struggles. They cherish them. They embrace them. They act upon them. They think about handling them. They try hard to get over them and they finally scare the struggles. Hence, they defeat fate by facing it so hard.

Instead of giving up on yourself and your life, you must give a shot about thinking what message you are going to deliver with your deaths. Sacrificing life is courageous. But that is not the only solution. No matter how courageous you are, society still tries to portray you as a loser and a coward. So, why do you have to give up on your life for such a ruthless society? Instead, why can't you fight against all odds and stand still to inspire other queer people who feel the way you feel? Is it that difficult? By then, you must be habituated with the effect of those struggles when you struggle indeed with your personality to get clarity about your orientation and preferences.

A queer person's life must be controversial, experimental, adventurous yet inspiring and motivational to the upcoming generation and the queer peers who look up to you. If you fail at yourself, how can you expect the success of others who take you as an inspiration? Fate is hard to fight with. But as all we queer people get habituated in dealing too many struggles intentionally and unintentionally, we become strong to face fate, fight with it and defeat it. Fate kicks our asses and makes us feel de-motivated and degraded. We feel like losing everything and we come to a place where we can't even think about our near future because by then our present would be fucked up and our past would have filled with disappointments, sadness and mistreating from people. Exactly at this sensitive point, people must defeat fate. Because, when fate assume that we become weak to make a move, one must make a strong move one last time by giving a second chance to our thoughts and ourselves.

At this point, even fate shivers for our efforts and our brave personalities. It steps back and starts thinking about us. This is the time, a queer person must excel by sorting out his/her life by making choices in career and love. Because, when you build your personality by standing against all odds, you become strong. When you become stronger, people around you become strong. And people who look up to you get inspired by you and lead their lives by facing the struggles with a strong mind. This is how a queer person must build a strong society around him/her. We should set ourselves as examples for the upcoming generation who are about to face all the life struggles because of their queer personalities. Our only motto must be to empower, enlighten and educate the future queer community to lead a happy life. Struggles and Fate must make a person stronger than before. If you allow fate to rule you, it will crush you to the deepest core of the earth. If you try defeating fate, the sky is the limit for you to reach the heights in your life.

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