How should women realise the misogynistic behaviour of gay men?

Needless to say, gays never cause harm for any woman, especially from a sexual perspective. They mostly become the best pals for women and nowadays, every girl has a gay best friend to share her feelings and emotions with a fellow man who doesn't look at her romantically or sexually. Indeed, gays are girls' best friends and they vibe with each other in many possible ways that elevate the aspect of embracing femininity. The friendship between a gay man and a woman is purely out of chaste, relatability, and coziness.

But does this generalized opinion regarding gay men give access for them to spread a bit of hatred towards them by demeaning and degrading womanhood? If a man isn't attracted to a woman physically or psychologically, does it give that man a right to overstep a woman's identity? Even though women get hurt by a gay man's behavioral patterns, do they realize and recognize the scenario to stand against such misogynistic attitudes, just because they don't get abused sexually or targeted intimately?

To clear the clouds, gays never abuse women sexually and molest them physically unlike straight men who are miserable in their minds. But some sets of gays can be misogynistic intentionally or unintentionally by spilling patriarchial statements. Misogyny is a form of sexism that makes women feel lower than men, it is a form of hatred against women with the motive of proving men's superiority over women. Gay men are also men at the end of the day and these misogynistic gay men mostly embrace their gender binary identity like other heterosexual men who always discriminate against women.

If you are a woman who constantly gets irked off by a gay man's baseless comments on womanhood or femininity, you need to realize that it's important for you to notice such behavior and call out regardless of that man's sexual orientation. And to do this, you need to recognize the limitations of allowing any man to talk about you, touch you, move closely with you, and to even think about you. Observing the misogynistic behavior of a heterosexual man is pretty easy than identifying it in a gay man because deep down you know that man can't be a threat to you sexually but you must understand getting hurt mentally or verbally or psychologically also matter the most.

Generally, you find these misogynistic gay men at your workplace, name it any industry and you may bump into them in the party world. Sometimes your gay best friend may also pass that passive-aggressive misogynistic comment towards you that may make you uncomfortable at one point. Hence, it is important to take a stand for yourself and prove that you are no lesser than a man, indeed any man. You don't have to hesitate by considering a gay man's creative talents, physical traits, social influence, societal image, or name and fame. If you feel targeted for the right reasons with the wrong assumptions, then you must speak out.

If your gay colleague constantly instructs you to follow his orders by being rude and always compares your work with other men around by devaluing your work ethics and not understanding your work pressures, then you should identify the misogynistic behavior of a gay man who shares your work atmosphere and making it difficult for you to stay calm mentally.

If your appreciation of a gay man's effeminate side goes unnoticed and successively takes a toll on your femininity, then you should observe the passive misogyny. Compliments and comments must be addressed equally. Just because you praise a gay man's fashion abilities and glamour constraints, it doesn't mean makes you a dowdy person and if a particular gay man questions your style statements, you need to make sure that your praises don't give him a right to berate your personality.