How I met THEM... (ft. Nazariya)

My 10 day trip to Delhi couldn't have gotten more excited if I would not have attended this meeting, which Vaibhav was talking about the day we met for the first time. It was quite entertaining and empowering too. When Vaibhav asked me to join the event that was going to be conducted by NAZARIYA group regarding educating the people. Providing knowledge about LGBT community to the crowd who didn't have the minimum idea about it and to all the homophobic crowd out there. I was really excited to make my presence on that day. So he has sent me a link where I could join their Whatsapp group. Vaibhav and his best friend Reyansh were hosting the event as Captains for one of the batches in Delhi. As Vaibhav was organizing the rally from Lajpat Nagar, I have promised him to meet him there.

It was Saturday, and I was already missing Delhi as I have planned to leave the place on Monday. I woke up that morning and dressed, indeed decked up to spread the Gayness through my attire. I felt, it could add an extra flavor for the March, that was conducted in the month of April. So I started from my hotel, courted Airport express and reached the destination through the Pink line metro. Metro travel was also one of the things which I would be missing a lot. I have called Vaibhav and asked about the location. He instructed me to come near Gate no 5 of the Lajpat Nagar metro station. I was feeling the queer vibes when I was about to meet few members of Nazariya who has already made their presence. After hugging him tight, I have seen few people sitting serially on a brink that attached to the station.