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Hotels and ME !

Hotels are my favorite and the preferred places to be myself the way I love in between the four walls. Hotels are like my second home. I have habituated staying alone in my own room and own place where no one could disturb my privacy, no one could touch my belongings, no one could be able to witness my anxiety and depression. Individuality, with a tint of Freedom is my basic character and I don't like to allow people in both the identities of mine, not even my family. I'm this self obsessed control freak who doesn't like to be with people when I travel. I mostly love to travel alone, so that I could really be myself, do whatever I want and take hell lot of time to get ready.

I'm this person who loves to travel, but at the same time I want spend some lavish and affordable stay. There arises the conflict. Staying lavishly in an elite and luxurious way is costly affair. Travelers normally don't do that. They are always budgeted and mostly into budgeting stay and like to share space with people. Being a fashionable Gay traveler, I can never travel without huge luggage which consists of apparels, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, hair and skin care and technological gadgets with hell lot of bags. And most importantly, I'm a Shopaholic which makes me buy stuff under the name of souvenirs in any place I visit.

I always want to visit my friends' places, stay with them for a few days and roam with them all over the cities I visit. But I can never fulfill it because of my psychological disorders and the fear of troubling them. So I mostly stay in Hotels. I keep a budget for my stay, in city travel and shopping. Food is always the last priority because the stay is always the first. I believe in bed and footwear. When I miss the comfort levels in these, I feel uncomfortable for sure. Because, during the whole day, I have to be in my footwear and at the end of the day, I have to take some sleep in my bed. So I will never compromise and my inner instincts never let me get compromised. I have tried, but a psychological patient shouldn't force himself much, because that may lead to self disasters. I always calm down my inner soul by giving whatever it wants no matter how my body reacts. I'm a soul believing person. The Body is just flesh and bones, which totally depends on how the inner soul reacts. If your soul isn't happy, your outer appearance of your body reveals your sadness. I believe in it and act accordingly.

Like every place I have visited earlier, I have checked into a hotel for my stay in Delhi near Mahipalpur. But the stay here was not like the previous ones. It was adventurous, exciting, shameless, slutty and bitchy enough. After the long midnight drama I have encountered in Delhi, I have checked into a hotel in Mahipalpur, the place which is filled with 70 percent of hotels. It was like an eye feast viewing hell lot of hotels occupying the whole region of Mahipalpur. All the hotels situated on one side of Delhi-Jaipur highway. I have reached my hotel destination in a can in the midnight 2.30 and entered my room at 3. I have stayed at Hotel Clink in room number 404. The room which is connected straight to the corridors of the third floor. When I entered the hotel for the first time, I came to know that my stay there would be a bit edgy and happening. I visited Delhi for an adventurous stay and I have already had enough adventures till then. I was curious to feel, how things were going to be unfolded in Mahipalpur. Till I visited that place, I didn't know that Delhi International Airport was nearer to that place.

Hotel's cab pick and drop spot

With the help of one of the hotel boys, I have shifted my whole luggage to my room. I had to cross around 8 rooms to reach mine, which was straight to us soon after we came out of the elevator. I have noticed a shimmery red sandals outside of the room no. 402. I knew that there was something cooking in that room. But I behaved as if I haven't observed in front of the hotel boy. I went to my room and took a deep breath. I Just wondered how come I ended up in a hotel in the middle of the night. To erase the annoying drama from my head, I have started unpacking at that peak time. I unpacked all my baggage and perfectly settled my footwear consequently to wear the whole week. Kept my toiletries inside the spaciest washroom. It took me total one hour to unpack my luggage and arrange them. I felt thirsty and found that I have already completed two whole bottles of water. To get the water from downstairs, I went outside of the room. Coincidentally, at the same time, a woman in a red glittery saree with bold lipstick was wearing her red sandals which she left outside. She was a sex worker. I could sense it from her when I shared an elevator with her. She seemed tired. Someone from the room might have booked her and enjoyed a night with a needy person like her. When the hotel guys were talking to her in an improper way, I confirmed to myself that I was right.

People hardly give respect to the person who fulfills sexual desires of others. Weird and Annoying World.

The blurred night scene of Mahipalpur

I have seen more than enough that night and I could never forget that night. Next day, I woke up, the sun was kissing my windows of my room. Though it was dark, totally covered with curtains, I could feel the sun rays which clearly mentioned the hot day ahead. Since that day, my daily routine has been kind of monotonously exciting. The day used to start with loud music in my hotel room, followed by decking myself up like a diva, travelling in Airport Express from the Delhi Aero City metro station to New Delhi metro station, roaming the places wherever I wanted to, relaxing myself in the afternoons at Chai Point in Connaught Place by writing and doing some research on gay lifestyle scenario, till sun takes a break from the day. Exploring the nightlife of Delhi and returning back to the hotel after long, elated, enthusiastic yet tiring day was the routine of mine in Delhi till I stepped out of the hotel on my last day there.

N number of hotels on one side of Delhi-Jaipur highway in Mahipalpur.

It was two days from my departure to Hyderabad, I found a guy wishing me with a warm smile on his face. He has innocent looks, like a Kid. He greeted me and asked about my wellness. I have reverted him in the same way. At first, I found him creepy. He also asked me whether I liked the stay at their hotel. I sarcastically mentioned him that I hardly stayed in the hotel. He laughed and mentioned that he was observing me every day. Indeed, he meant that I was staying in the hotel only in the nights. He was cutesy though. He was following me while I was about to reach the elevator in downstairs. I have asked him to leave and told him that I would manage alone. He gave a smile and said that he wanted to drop me till my room. That was really sweet. Mostly, hotel boys try to escape from work by giving weird excuses. I have come across most of them and I have habituated of managing my things all alone, except carrying my heavy luggage and housekeeping activities. I am never a fussy customer to hotels who complain every now and then, regarding small issues. Hotel rooms are like my own room, I manage myself.

He came with me in the elevator and the story has begun....

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