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Holding your hand and squeezing it back...

Who doesn't like it when someone holds our hand, especially our loved ones who make us excel in our romantic life? Everyone dreams of clinging to their partner's hands in public to specify their connection and showcase their established romantic relationship. Forget about the heterosexuals, but the queer people have evolved in this particular issue from being rejected, judged, and criticized for being accepted, loved, and adored by society. Now, you can see a gay couple holding their hands cozily and roaming in public spaces as normal as a straight couple and it's a change we managed to get, in society after several struggles.

Possessing a person beside you all the time, other than your blood connection can only happen, with the presence of a romantic partner or spouse, or lover. That person makes you feel that you are not alone, no matter what. Of course, sometimes you may feel lonesome because of a few issues between you and your partner, but deep down you never feel that you are alone. Holding hands is a tender and protective gesture, a person could portray to another person. It seems simple, but we never hold hands of some random person with the emotion of love. We need a connection, comfort, confidence, caressing nature, and the capability of holding it all the time, and all of these can be seen only with our romantic partners. This is one of the aesthetic aspects of love!

Do you identify the difference between holding the hand and squeezing it back? Of course, squeezing is just an extension of holding, but don't you think that particular extension of emotion matters the most? It indeed does. In this millennial era, people hardly sticking to one person. They are dating several people, getting physically and emotionally engaged with the like-minded ones, but in the end, they either remain searching for that one person or else they settle for one person who treasures them the most. Do you know how people go through all this process and stop at that one person? Even though we may consider a lot of factors and do too much filtration to choose that one person with whom we decide to share our lives forever, this particular difference helps us to gain proper clarity.

If you are a queer person, how many hands did you hold, till now in public regardless of your flings, dating partners, or boyfriends? Revive those memories and count all of them. Why did you leave their hands or why did you let them leave your hand? Holding hands is as easy as leaving them. Every romantic partner of yours may hold your hand, out of like, lust, or love but not every one of them can squeeze your hand back.

Squeezing is an assurance your partner gives to you and very few romantic partners in our life would do that and sometimes, a person could never get that one partner who squeezes his or her hand back. Holding hands is the support, your partner gives to you to tell you how much he cares about you or how much she wants you to be with her, or how much they feel protective about you. If you can manage to have a significant romantic connection with any person, he or she easily can hold your hand and walk with you. But there is no mandatory that every single person you hold would squeeze your hand.

Not everyone can embrace the difference, except the people who are committed for years and years overcoming various hurdles but still stick to each other in good and bad. This isn't possible if one just holds one's partner's hand, it's only possible when a person can squeeze one's partner's hand. Squeezing is not just a gesture of a reflex action. It is beyond the emotion of love or lust or whatever.

When your partner squeezes your hand when you feel low, that means he is telling you that he's there for you.

When your partner squeezes your hand when you are too excited about doing something, she is making sure that you hold on to your excitement and giving an assurance that she would walk with you regardless of the outcomes.

When your partner squeezes your hand when you are out of your control, it means he is asking you to keep your emotions in control or she is protecting you from unfortunate and unpredictable consequences.

When a whole society comes against you, if your partner squeezes your hand, it clearly says that you are having him or her as your back and never makes you feel alone.

Did you perceive the difference now, between these two gestures filled with intense emotions? Now whom do you want? The person who just clasps your hand and walks with you without knowing when he or she leaves you or the person who holds your hand and squeeze it back to control you, to protect you, to give an assurance, to let you be you? Though holding is easy and squeezing is difficult, only a few people in your life can make that gesture seems so simple like a blink of an eye.

Go, find them or wait, till they step into your life. Until then, keep holding your hands with various people, and who knows, one day someone may squeeze your hand back? So, just because people leave you after holding your hand, doesn't mean you should stop allowing them to hold your hand again! Just understand and appreciate the difference!

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