Hints to throw to your neighbors to make them understand that you are a queer couple!

Does your boyfriend visit your place more often though your parents know that you are a gay couple? Does your girlfriend stay over several nights at your place in the surveillance of your parents without any judgments as a lesbian couple? Are you a queer couple who stays separately as a part of your live-in relationship arrangement? Finally, are you the person who always face neighbors who think that your partner is just a friend and nothing more than that? Do you want to prove to your neighbors that you are in love with your partner and announce your pair as a queer couple to clear their minds? Then yes, you can do that to let the whole world know who you are and whom you are dating or committed to, especially to the people with whom you share your neighborhood.

Many of us think our neighbors don't need to identify who we are and with whom we are in love. If a straight couple shifts to a new neighborhood, everyone approaches them to try to know them and get along with them, and without even asking, they come to the conclusion that the couple might be married or living together. But if a same-sex couple lives in the same place, people in the neighborhood consider the couple as roommates and no one even approaches them to ask whether they are a couple or not. Because being a straight couple is treated as normal and appealing, but having a queer couple in the neighborhood, people start portraying it differently. It's high time that all the queer couples must make this queer scenario as a normal way of living by making their neighbors understand who they are and their relationships.

You don't have to approach every person and announce yourself as a queer couple, but you can do that by throwing a few hints to let your neighbors understand the connection between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Normality must be portrayed by performing normal things and not exaggerating any aspect of a relationship. Sometimes in the process of making people understand who we are, we lose our balance and display an excess amount of emotion. Always remember, unnecessary public display of affection irks people around you and may dump you in unfortunate situations too.

There is a subtle way of portraying your emotions publicly. Just a peck on a cheek and wishing a great day with a widened smile by waving your hand while your partner leaves to work, make people around you receive your love vibes which let them know the bond between you and your partner.

If your neighbor stares at you when your partner steps out of your place, instead of ignoring the stares, take initiation, and introduce your partner as your girlfriend/boyfriend without hesitating a bit. Next time, your neighbors don't bother to look at you with doubts and unanswered questions. Introducing yourself and your partner as a couple is one best thing any queer couple could do to mark their existence in the minds of curious neighbors.

Drying out clothes, watering plants, gardening, cleaning the balcony spaces are some of the home activities, a couple must perform together like all the other heterosexual couples in your neighborhood. Sharing works come under the normal lifestyle of a couple. The chemistry that oozes out during those works will let, your spying neighbors understand that you are a queer couple who is leading a normal relationship lifestyle!

Invite your friends over to your house parties, lunches, and dinners, especially if you are a live-in queer couple. Never let your neighbors think that you are alone. Host some cozy and decent queer parties with the blended crowd including heterosexual couples. This in and out, scenario of various supportive people, make your neighbors understand the normality of your relationship. And if they ever ask you about those parties, you are hosting or complain that you are creating noise because of people in your home, don't get offended. Instead, apologize and invite them to your next house party. This way, you don't have to stop hosting, and you don't create a feud between you and your neighbors.

Apologize when needed. If you think that you are neighbors are exceeding their limits in every possible way, then you and your partner must get into a passive-aggressive mode. If you keep remaining quiet for every allegation your neighbors rub on you, they may take advantage of your goodness. So let them understand your influential background in a subtle way.

Every so often, call your parents to your home to make them stay with you for a week or so. If you are an open queer couple and living together under your parents' knowledge, then it is easy for you. But if you are not open to your parents, then it is a little difficult but you can still manage by inviting them. The world doesn't have to know every single inner detail and hence you can still portray that your parents support you and your relationship.

Neighbors can be sometimes a huge pain in the ass and to put everything to an end, you need to make them get habituated with your lifestyle, with your dressing attires, with your friends and families, with your relationship, with your career choices, with your schedules and with everything around you. It is important for the world to know the regular lifestyle of a queer couple is no less important than the regular lifestyle of a straight couple. It's hard to attain initially because, in a few countries, the typical neighborhoods can be homophobic and demean the queer community. Hence, you must always choose a better neighborhood or at least try to make your neighbors understand that the same-sex person who comes to greet you often, is not just a friend!

Finally, not every neighbor is an asshole. Some people are kindhearted and welcoming. Try to be in touch with them. Talk to them if you cross paths with them. Smile or wave your hand whenever you see them. Invite them for a cup of coffee. Make conversations with them and be friendly with them. Always remember, having one strong neighbor is all enough for a queer couple to defend the whole neighborhood. Because it is all about support.

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