Hints to be given to the Society by the closeted people before coming out...

In this current scenario in India, people are coming out of the closet in a progressive manner. Most of them are living their life in their own way without faking themselves and others too. They have accepted themselves and made people to accept them. If not, they aren't giving a damn about what people think about them. But not everyone is same. There are still a lot of people out there who are closeted and only limited to dating apps. They completely hide their sexual orientations, but indeed they want to reveal themselves to the people who are near and dear to them. The struggles of letting people understand about one's inner thoughts regarding sexual orientations are inexplicable.

But hints are the only impressions which can make people think about what you actually have in your mind. Sometimes, giving hints also can make the other person analyze your situation and come up with a solution of your struggles too. Because sharing the information about struggles can reduce the intensity of dilemma and pain regarding a situation. Here are the few hints which can be given to the people to make them know about what you are and what is on your mind regarding your sexual preferences.

  • Talk about something which belongs to LGBT community more often. Share your feelings about the struggling stories than dating stories. This will make people understand that you feel about the emotions of a queer person and there are also chances that they can get your striving dilemma of coming out of the closet.

  • Share the posts and rainbow stories on your social media accounts to let people know that you are a supporter of the LGBT community. This will also make you engage with the community people and you can mingle with them. And most importantly, people start judging you for your affirmative personality. It is indeed a good sign of making them prepared for the future consequences.

  • Suggest Queer movies to your friends sometimes. Talk about the love and the interest of yours in homosexual love stories. This will unquestionably make them ask you about your sexual orientation soon after you talk to them about LGBT movies. Don't accept the fact that you are in the community. Just let them guess your orientation.

  • Supporting the community in every possible way will make your kin and kith gossip about your sexual orientation. They even start giving hints in return regarding your sexual preferences.

  • Prepare your parents to digest the fact that you are into same sex marriages. Drop them a few hints regarding the current wedding scenario and show disinterest in attending weddings and talking about the weddings for a while. Start telling them the gay wedding stories which are happening all around the world. Try to explain the normality behind the same sex marriages.