High Fun with my Childhood Crush...

Are you aware of the phrase "HF"- It means High Fun or High Fuck. It's not about having fun with someone in the heights. It's all about having fun or sex with someone from getting high through alcohol or smoke up. This is one kind of fantasy in sex. People believe that sex after getting high is totally different than having sex normally. Yes, it is different. It will be either magical or disastrous. High fun is extreme. It's either orgasmic or dumb. Well, in that case, I want to share a story that has happened in my Hyderabad trip where I have tried having a high fun with my childhood crush.

I know everyone has Childhood crushes from their school or neighborhood. Though I was dating since my 8th grade, I had a childhood crush from my school. After my ridiculous school age breakup with my second boyfriend, I started having crush over this guy named Sunny from my class. He was sweet, funny, jovial and mostly honest. I used to like his traits and the way he used to give value for the word Friendship. I never expressed my desire of getting into him back then. But I used to hang out with him in my 10th grade mostly. It was cute having feelings for someone and not expressing them.

A Selfie with him!

After I came out as gay, he was also one of the people to whom I came out personally. He accepted it normally and also treated me normally. He does the same till date. He was never judgmental though. After I shifted to my hometown, post my father's death, one day he visited me when there was no one at home. I have offered drinks and we talked all the personal stuff and about my boyfriends. I didn't know what happened then, we started kissing. He was straight. He never kissed a guy. Out of nowhere, he suddenly started treating me peculiar yet distinctive way after I expressed that he was my childhood crush. Since then we have started hooking up whenever it was possible for us. We have always remained in touch till date.

So, when I visited Hyderabad, I comprehended that he was working somewhere in Hyderabad as a Chemical Engineer. When I dialed him, he told me that he went for a vacation to our hometown. We belong to the same place. He also mentioned that he would be returning back on the third day of my stay in Hyderabad. I insisted him to visit me at any cost soon after his return to Hyderabad. I asked him to drop by my hotel and spend some quality time with me till the evening. He was happy and agreed to it. It was not about sex. It was all about that childhood cuteness in our bodies. Our sex was never romantic. It was like a childhood game, but so pristine and perfect. He wasn't my fuck buddy too.

He will be always my childhood crush though I'm not crushing on him. We transformed in a very different way. He became like this dashing carefree person where I transformed myself as bold diva, but the inner kiddish mentalities haven't changed between us. Hence, we need an extra source to get into each other and convert that childishness into intimacy. Sunny is my best smoke up partner. In fact, he taught me how to smoke up, because he is a fucking Pro at it.

When he was using his engineering brain !

He reached my hotel that day in the late afternoon. I was watching pop songs with high volumes and sort of chilling in my fully furnished hotel room. He rang the door bell and I hugged him soon after I saw him. I asked him to get freshen up first as he looked tired due to travelling. He was always shameless in front of me and never leave a chance to pull my legs by cracking lame jokes. That's what the beauty of being Childhood buddies. While he was taking his bath, I have ordered beers and smokes. He finally freshened up and wore my shorts. I asked him to lay on the bed for a while to get relaxed. We started blabbering about every unnecessary shit like every time. I wanted to smoke up and get high that day.

I urged Sunny to make my part of the hash. He laughed and started preparing the necessary stuff. I love watching when he does that. It is interesting and sort of new for me every single time. I was excited and to set the moods, I have turned off all the lights except blue ceiling light which created a different atmosphere altogether. I have raised the volume of the songs a little bit high. Sunny initially asked me to turn off, but I denied. Later, he liked and he got connected with the music in TV. All the love songs were playing in the channel. I broke up with my 14th boyfriend and he broke up with his girlfriend. So we got connected even more.

When I was getting high

We started fancying the moods that I have created and especially smoking & drinking. Whenever we meet, we always smoke up, booze and have sex. The same thing has repeated, that time too, but with a twist. The day before Sunny met me, I had sex with Andy. I felt like having sex one more time so that I could regenerate my old fuck soul. Sunny and I have literally scored good hash. It was intense and sort of too much for my body. But I didn't stop doing it. I have scored more and started feeling in a different way. I was swinging in my own world. I could remember myself dancing like crazy to the tunes of Cardi B.

Sunny and I were totally high. We started kissing intensely. We undressed each other. There were clothes everywhere on the floor. We were wild and got forcefully into each other. But I couldn't be able to focus on him. Indeed, I couldn't be able to see him properly. I just gave him a Condom and Lube. I shamelessly told him to do whatever he wanted to do and apologized him for being too passive in bed. I'm active bottom gay guy in bed. But, that day, due to heaviness in smoke up, I was higher than high. I still don't remember what has happened completely. But I could remember him getting inside of me. He too tried well, but got crashed all of a sudden. His dick wasn't co-operating him to penetrate my hole.

He clicked me when we were totally high

We laughed a lot like two crazy people. And slept by cuddling each other like babies on that cozy and fluffy bed. We slept for a while and I had to wake up when someone called me up on my phone. He also woke up and saw my face. He came to me and said "You are looking more beautiful than before, your long hairs befits your personality. Maintain them like that". Those words from him were sweet, but the thing was, I looked like a disaster. That says how high we were. Jokes apart, we spent the day in a very good way. Though the sex was bad, we didn't bother about it much because it wasn't the priority at all. We tried something new, we shared our stories, we laughed at our jokes, we danced, we boozed, we smoked up, we dressed and undressed each other, we had lame sex and we cherished every moment of the day.

That day would be always memorable because in the city where there was not at all a queer scenario, I had an intense level of intimate affair with a straight person who was just converted to a bisexual only for me. It was the late evening and it was about to rain. Sunny had to leave the place as he was getting late and he was kind of missing me and our hometown. He felt like a residential school kid who was going to school after vacation. He felt bad for his fucked up life and his job in Hyderabad. But life must go on right. I bade him a bye with a huge hug and a kiss.

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