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Have you read your partner from cover to cover?

It's typically complicated in understanding even a simple person and the task becomes tougher when the other person is truly controversial. Be it an introvert or extrovert, a person, must be understood almost completely, especially if the other person is someone you like, love, get committed to, or married to. But the common aspect in every couple is, they don't try reading a person completely and some don't even make an effort of reaching the last chapter. In most of the worst cases, a few couples just read the outer cover and judge the story on too many baseless assumptions.

Until and unless you don't reach the last chapter of a book, how do you know that whether the story has an end, or will it continue as a sequel, or whether there's a prequel that you missed reading? Metaphorically, relationships are like various kinds of novels. Some have romantic endings; some have thrilling twists, some have mysterious continuations and some have tragic terminations. You will get to recognize the outcome only when you have the patience to read from cover to cover.

Breakups remain like the abrupt pauses a person takes while reading a book. Returning to the same page and continuing by getting along with the story truly depends upon a person's choice. Some people may feel disinterestedly bored with the story and leave the book, but a few people try to complete the story regardless of the number of pauses they take while reading a whole book.

Interestingly, it doesn't depend upon the story. It depends upon the person's wilful personality to complete a book and the curiosity behind exploring the endings. Relationships aren't about the factors like romance, sex, pleasures, pains, barriers, breakups, fluctuations. They are mostly about being there together till the end and looking out for the upcoming future regardless of all the typical factors of a romantic bond.

Do you think, your relationship remains the same till the end like exactly how it has started? Sadly and strictly, it is a big No. Because that's what the reality is. You may lose the spice in between, you may even lose interest in each other, you may fight, argue and try to get away from each other, you may sometimes feel like getting rid of your partner. But if you consider all these barriers in the relationship as temporary, then the feeling of being permanently habituated with each other keeps your relationship alive. And this only happens if you try to read your partner completely to explore the endings together further.

We all have exes, heartbreaks, toxic past relationships and most importantly almost all face breakups in their romantic life. They happened because you and your ex-partner have decided not to read each other from cover to cover. You both chose to shut the book abruptly for various reasons. Hence, you have never had a chance to explore the endings. You might assume your breakups as the endings of your romantic bond with a person. They are incomplete chapters that can be edited and removed from your life book.

But if you want to be with someone no matter what and try harder day by day to overcome every single emotional, physical, mental, financial, psychological hurdle of your relationship, then yeah it's a sign that you want to read your partner from cover to cover. That particular effort you give to the person who is worth your love, attention, passion, and affection, encourages you to read your partner completely. Because efforts matter to take a particular bond till the deepest extreme where you find no one except you and your partner regardless of the material and bodily existence.

If you think death separates a couple, then you are wrong. You can still read a person without his or her physical existence in your life. Romantically, it's reasonably possible. When a person who lost one's partner is ready to explore the endings with one's dead partner, being a healthy couple with all the materialistic pleasures and emotional pains involved, do you think it's challenging for you to try to understand your partner?

So, next time, before deciding to shut your romantic novel completely, ask yourself a question that have you read your partner from cover to cover?

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