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Have you ever had "Real Sex"?

Regardless of the sexual orientations under the roof of the queer community, every single queer person encounters this particular question by all the heterosexuals out there. No matter how hard a queer person strives to make things normal, most heterosexuals only believe the concept of Adam and Eve together. They don't even try to think about Adam and John or Eve and Lucy. Making them understand the aspect of same-sex couples is a herculean task. Instead of understanding, these perverts question the queer community, especially regarding the concept of sex between two queer persons!

These low-level mindsets can only accept the idea of penis and vagina together. And they wonder how two penises and two vaginas can penetrate each other. If you are a queer person, you must have surely heard this particular question called "How do you have sex"? many times, haven't you? So, according to the typical straight societal norms, sex must involve a penis and a vagina to make the penetration happen. Of course, that's how people make babies. No doubts about it, but that's not the only way. Technology has developed and the world has changed, but still, some ridiculous souls froze their brains in the stone age and still pose this question to every queer person whether they had real sex or not?!

To clear the clouds, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, intersexuals, asexuals, pansexuals, every queer person experiences real sex. The physical intimacy between two queer persons is never imaginary. Though your stupid little brain can't imagine the sex scenes between two queer persons, the queer sex remains real and normals, exactly like heterosexual sex. Like how straight people penetrate each other with genitals, even queer people do penetrate each other by involving their genitals, and to elevate the sensual experience, they even use external sources and other body parts too!

Hence, the question is completely foolish and senseless. Gay sex involves two penises but to make the penetration happen, one butt hole and one penis come into the picture. Similarly, lesbian sex involves two pairs of boobs and two vaginas and it doesn't mean the penetration can't happen, they have fingers and dildos to do the work with utmost sensual satisfaction. Bisexuals do experience the typical heterosexual sex but most of the time, they end up having either gay sex or lesbian sex. Now, you must be wondering how transgenders have sex with each other. Well, that's completely different anatomy. Regardless of the physical surgeries, they still have the same openings and nerve endings as others. They can still feel the sensuality down there, and they can still get penetrated by penises and can still penetrate others with their manhoods.

Now, keep calm and relax, don't you think that queer people have sex like heterosexuals? If you typically consider the penetrations as real sex, people from the queer community do have real sex on the daily basis. So, why do you always ask a queer person whether he or she or they ever had real sex?

If you are a queer person and if your heterosexual pal or sibling or any random straight person approaches you with this question, then it specifies that particular person is showering some microaggression on you. So, be aware of it and it's your duty to let that person understand that queer sex is damn real, not some sort of imaginary or weird concept. Never explain how sex works in the queer community. Just prove that you have sex as normal as the person who poses the question.

Sometimes you need to be aggressive to crush the microaggression. Because this phrase called, "real-sex" implies the dominant nature of heterosexuality. On this earth, every single human being is equal, needy, horny, and sensual when it comes to sex. Every person is blessed with genitals, and every person uses them to flourish the biological process.

If you think real sex is all about making babies and if you are proud about the fact of blessing to impregnate other people, then your thought process of appreciating the love-making and physical intimacy stoops down to the underground level. Because for you sex is all about fucking each other and discharging body fluids into each other bodies.

Though the queer people aren't blessed to make babies out of their sex sessions, they still appreciate every single moment of physical intimacy, regardless of lust or love. The aspect of penetrations may differ from one orientation to another; the involvement of genitals may vary from one queer person to another, but the feeling and emotion of entwining two naked bodies to make love or to embrace each other's raw existence remain always the same. So, why do you need to stress the word called "real" when that particular aspect is already real, normal, and natural? Stop passing the microaggression towards the queer community.

Sex is sex like how love is love. So, try to understand the emotion behind intercourse, instead of digging deep into the anatomy of human bodies and devaluing the queer community, just because they don't work according to the typical heterosexual sex norms!

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