Happy Tears and the Happy Ending- East Siders season finale is out !

Created by Kit Williamson, this LGBT series has penned down before 2012 and the first season has launched in December 2012, critically acclaimed huge appreciation among the queers worldwide. Though initiated with mixed opinions, this series slowly evolved as one of the best queer stories ever on screens. Imagine the graph of this particular series, being showcased on YouTube to now been successfully launched its new series on Netflix, the story has traveled a long way by connecting through many queer hearts out there. Though shot in the USA, with the backdrop of Los Angeles, New York, and Southern California, it engaged every queer person throughout the world through its dark yet engaging characters.

The characters have rolled and evolved in such an overwhelming way. If one follows the season from the first episode of season one to the last episode of the current season, which is the fourth edition of East Siders, a person can see how each character personified itself in various critical circumstances. Directed and acted by Kit Williamson himself as one of the main lead characters as Calvin (called as Cal in the series) accompanied by Thomas (Thom- the fluctuating yet settled boyfriend of Cal), the story between these two characters is one of the basic plots of the story. One can easily get related to one's love life and the struggles of being in love with one person and the deviation arise in relationships, everything has portrayed with the emotions of these two characters.