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Happy Tears and the Happy Ending- East Siders season finale is out !

Created by Kit Williamson, this LGBT series has penned down before 2012 and the first season has launched in December 2012, critically acclaimed huge appreciation among the queers worldwide. Though initiated with mixed opinions, this series slowly evolved as one of the best queer stories ever on screens. Imagine the graph of this particular series, being showcased on YouTube to now been successfully launched its new series on Netflix, the story has traveled a long way by connecting through many queer hearts out there. Though shot in the USA, with the backdrop of Los Angeles, New York, and Southern California, it engaged every queer person throughout the world through its dark yet engaging characters.

The characters have rolled and evolved in such an overwhelming way. If one follows the season from the first episode of season one to the last episode of the current season, which is the fourth edition of East Siders, a person can see how each character personified itself in various critical circumstances. Directed and acted by Kit Williamson himself as one of the main lead characters as Calvin (called as Cal in the series) accompanied by Thomas (Thom- the fluctuating yet settled boyfriend of Cal), the story between these two characters is one of the basic plots of the story. One can easily get related to one's love life and the struggles of being in love with one person and the deviation arise in relationships, everything has portrayed with the emotions of these two characters.

Not only Cal and Thom but also characters like Quincy and Douglas give too many couple goals for the audience with the way how they fight, argue, ignore, love and also understand each other. The story which runs behind these two characters gives a person a total outlook for being in a monogamous, confusing, dilemma yet evolving from being difficult to understand each other at the end. As mentioned earlier, the character of Douglas being a renowned drag queen accepts the proposal of getting married to Quincy is too engaging. If you are a person who loves to get married in the way you like, you must look into them for a little wedding inspiration. And there comes the other most important good man tag character called "Ian" played by John Halbach. He is all about many things and the person who goes with the flow of life. He is committed, confused, accepting, appealing, alluring and also fluid. Taking Genderqueer as the base plot, the evolution of this particular character blows the audience's mind if they travel with the character from season 1 to the current season.

Jeremy and Derek are other gay couple characters in the story that runs parallel to the other stories which inspire a queer person to believe in monogamy, gay marriage, adoption of kids and the normal life a person can lead in the society being gay. These characters are all about dealing with commitment issues yet falling in love with each other and considered the feeling of being scared to lose each other. And there are many more characters like Cathy (Cal's best friend), Hilary (Cal's sister), Valerie (Cal's mother), Bri (Jeremy's lesbian sister), and many more guest appearances in the whole season.

The most fabulous factor is one will find the famous gay adult stars acting in some of the episodes when the two main characters of the season try to open up their relationship a bit. Yes, you would find Colby Keller and many more hot stars as guest appearance characters. Well, this Emmy nominated series is full of surprises in its twists and turns in the plot and also connecting various characters in various situations. This story is hilariously entertaining and also moving too. The sad part is, this directorial LGBT Netflix series has come to an end with this season as the Season Finale of East Siders, but who knows there may be another twist coming up soon from Kit Williamson. Fingers crossed.

Switching on to the current season, which is the Season 4 came with many entertaining aspects. One must get into the couch potato mode and watch the whole season at a shot as it is binge-worthy. This season is all about getting clarified, clearing the clouds, coming out of dilemmas, screwing the toxicity in relationships, accepting and understanding each other, encouraging the millennial way of loving but also not losing the fragrance of old school love, consistency, stability, monogamy, polygamy, gay culture, gay marriage, sex, struggling between lust and love, loving and getting loved, sexual adventures, career paths, being upfront for what you believe in and most importantly embracing the queerness in the society and striving for the normality of the queer culture. This season makes you gather all your scattered pieces together to be a whole person to either start over or to complete which you have already started.

This engaging love and dark comedy tale, surely end you up having happy tears rolling in your eyes and makes you believe in happy endings after facing hell lot of struggles in being gay and being in love and leading the relationships further. Please do watch this wonderful US LGBT web series on Netflix this weekend as your dosage of fun.

Finally, wishes the whole cast and crew of Eastsiders, a hearty congratulations for the successful portrayal of every emotion of queer culture and constantly keeping the audiences hold their eagerness to watch the season since 7 complete years. You guys have evolved a lot and made people believe in queer evolution.

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