Happy Singles Day...!!

Unlike Valentines Day, this day is completely underrated and less celebrated. And some people mark it as their sad day, which is unnecessary for sure. If being single is remarked as low-level relationship status, then yeah, it must be noted that every single person starts their journey as a Single in their romantic love life. This is a fact, people should consider and act upon it. There was no hope in celebrating this day because previously people used to think, coming out as a single and enjoying it might make them feel socially degrading and people might shower them pity, especially after crossing teenage. It is so untrue. And gradually, people proved it wrong because now the Single-hood is celebrated under terms like freedom, break, self-focused and even self loved too. Isn't it progressive?

This is one of the factors which every millennial should be proud of, to consider their "Single" relationship status exactly like the "Committed". Being single is what people prefer more nowadays because being committed needs a hell lot of pressure to be handled. This doesn't mean every person must end up as single. This means every person who is not ready to handle such pressures must take some time, breathe and get into any kind of relationship. Being single doesn't mean a person is irresponsible, it means a person should single-handedly take all the responsibilities. You know that's a tough task. Having no person to deal with your emotional, physical, financial and mental stress is hard, but if you can handle yourself properly and gracefully, yes, you are good at being single and you must celebrate it.