Happy ending or Never ending, which one do you prefer?

A story must end at one point though it could be continued by taking various breaks. Moving apart, divorce, and death are three things that give any love story a break, probably an end too. We don't fall in love with a person by keeping endnotes in our minds. We don't expect to look at ourselves in breaking our relationships, standing in front of judges, or practicing funeral speeches, but the time makes us everyone do the unexpected to experience the end. For some it gives pain and for others it gives pleasure and for the rest, it gives a chance to start over.

There are three kinds of ending, one; ending things up with various blended emotions and it stays in the past forever though it influences one's present and future, this kind of ending is always mentioned in the past tense. Then comes the second one; which most of us dream after reading a lot of fairy tales in childhood and learning over other romantic stories of many people, Happy endings are always dreamy but a few people make it real with their efforts. The third one confuses you with various fluctuations of emotions, but it surely makes you feel alive, because it's never-ending.