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Happy ending or Never ending, which one do you prefer?

A story must end at one point though it could be continued by taking various breaks. Moving apart, divorce, and death are three things that give any love story a break, probably an end too. We don't fall in love with a person by keeping endnotes in our minds. We don't expect to look at ourselves in breaking our relationships, standing in front of judges, or practicing funeral speeches, but the time makes us everyone do the unexpected to experience the end. For some it gives pain and for others it gives pleasure and for the rest, it gives a chance to start over.

There are three kinds of ending, one; ending things up with various blended emotions and it stays in the past forever though it influences one's present and future, this kind of ending is always mentioned in the past tense. Then comes the second one; which most of us dream after reading a lot of fairy tales in childhood and learning over other romantic stories of many people, Happy endings are always dreamy but a few people make it real with their efforts. The third one confuses you with various fluctuations of emotions, but it surely makes you feel alive, because it's never-ending.

Weddings are the life events which bring the utmost happiness for any person, especially when a person gets someone in his life whom he loves the most. How many movies have you watched in which weddings have portrayed as happy endings? Uncountable. Because it's a general opinion in humankind that committing to a person is always treated as a happy ending because that's where real life begins and one gets to encounter various life experiences. So, happy endings are indeed happy beginnings.

What else can make a person happy than being married to someone lovable, trustworthy, and well deserving? If a couple stays together by facing hurdles, by sharing happiness, experiencing tragedies, and being there for each other in sick and sad, indeed fulfilling every vow made at the time of the happy beginnings, then that couple experience happy endings till their bodies reach their graves. But here comes the fact that the love story of a couple comes to a perfect end in this world when they die because of the absence of their bodies. What about souls?

Some love stories seem to end up abruptly, and one can't find a piece of it anywhere in this world, not even memories. We see many truly loving couples end their romantic tales because of various issues, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Their love stories end up as their bodies won't be in physical contact. A person may unfortunately marry a wrong person purposefully or unknowingly. He/she can be forced or needed to be committed to that wrong person which makes him/her take the right person out of his/her life in every possible way. Do you think one must need physical or sexual contact to write a romantic tale in this world? What about souls?

These abruptly ended true love stories of truly loving people, have no ends. These are never-ending tales and only maintain an emotional or telepathic contact because here the souls substitute their bodies to make a particular love story breathe in this world. That's why we see many people around us, who can't and won't move on in life emotionally though they are physically involved with someone else, they never end their love stories by keeping their souls play emotionally. Never-ending stories need not be always sad, they keep a story alive every moment.

Endings are interlinked and they are never separated. If you think those three constraints of endings; breakup, divorce, and death can give an end to a story, then you are talking about bodies, not souls. Endings are always sad because one can't explore the story beyond the point. That's why, we can never be happy though the movies we watch, the series we follow, the seasons we binge, have a truly happy ending because we always want to watch beyond the endings and that curiosity pinches us with a tint of sadness. So, do you think Happy endings are truly happy?

Never-ending tales are mostly sad, because sending messages through clouds, talking to the air, and keeping our souls wander in lost lands, by thinking about our loved ones to make our feelings and emotions reach them, are unfortunate and earth-shattering. But, these love stories make two people breathe and feel loved which is very important for a person to keep one's 'self' alive. That happiness of thinking about someone you love the most without their physical presence in your life is inexplicable and pristine enough. So, do you think Never endings are sad always?

Today's happy ending story can be tomorrow's abruptly ended-up- story. Today's sadly ended-up-story can be forever a never-ending story. For all these endings, love is the only reason and the only answer too. You may love someone and expect a happy ending with that person, but you may unfortunately face a sudden end to your love story with the utmost sadness. At this point, you can start over by exploring love in another person in search of a happy ending, or else you can stay over there and make your soul wander to search for your loved one's soul and make your story, a never-ending tale. Endings are beautiful regardless of happy or sad, only if you put your soul into them!

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