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Hair industry in "No shave November"...

The situation of the whole hair industry, including the product range and salon services is kind of indescribable because "No shave November" is followed as a trend by many throughout the world to not get into salon services or use any hair products during the month to show the support by donating the amount that is going to be spent in this month as an aid for the suffering cancer patients who cannot grow hair due to their medical conditions. This is such an emotional movement where a few people follow it sincerely and this is when the hair industry gets affected to the core.

A very few can understand the inside struggles of the hair industry. Hairdressers, Biggies in Salon industry and all the hair brands used to witness the kind of a downfall this month since the late 90s and early 2000s. But that was in the past because the present is all about enjoying the moment and the future is about leading towards brighter developments. Because of the term "No shave November", most of the men grow their crown hair and facial hair in support of the cause, which decreases the sales of a salon, especially the men category. And after a few motivational movements, even women started donating the amount instead of spending the money to treat their luscious locks. Some can do and some cannot and some fall in the core dilemma whether to stand for the people who are suffering or stand for their hair. It's like the battle between human ethics and self-care. Instead of worrying about it, a person can do both at the same time and even the hair industry has also tagged along with the initiation in many countries and people are happy knowing it.

The cause is to support the cancer patients emotionally and financially too. We support emotionally by growing hair and financially by donating money. Hence, the hair industry, which includes all the premium brands, super salons, and hair professionals, comes with the concept of merging the social cause with the salon service. Which means, the salon industry is allowing its customers to be with them in the movement. Many of the salons are coming up with a concept of giving a certain percentage of the amount for the "No shave November" cause as an aid for the cancer patients. This is a really smart move where the hair industry and an individual won't suffer and also can contribute their support for the cause. Therefore, No shave November is no more a trend where a person needs to stop taking salon services for the whole month. A man can shave his beard and cut his hair and also can stand for the people who are suffering by collaborating himself with any of the salon services where most of the money could be contributed by the salon's behalf of him. Isn't it progressive to blend the thoughts where no one gets hurt and suffer?

And in case if a person completely indulged himself in growing hair or beards for the emotional support to the suffering, he can get into other services which helps in the growth and maintenance of hair. Again, it can be for both personal and social causes too. Hair treatments, hair spas, hair relaxation therapies are some of the services that can be provided by a salon for its customers and in return can support the suffering by standing for the "No shave November" cause.

In a Corporate Social responsibility, point of view, this small initiation, can end up both hair industry and an individual to be satisfied both personally and ethically too. A business can always survive only with its customers and when that business blend with societal ethics, it will boom up in the market and at the same time, fills the gaps between humankind by elevating the faith in humanity. So, you don't have to worry about not maintaining your hair and at the same time not able to contribute to the social cause, you just have to step into the salons which collaborate with Cancer aid institutions and which run the movement of "No shave November". Why have second thoughts, when you can fulfill both personal and social objectives? I appreciate the month. Feel blessed for having such salons and such hair brands in the market, which stand for the cause no matter they face fluctuations in their progress. But this is all temporary. The permanent is the cause of what we stand for. And for one month, if the whole hair industry is coming down a bit to support the suffering, why can't we as individuals do that by contributing some amount of money by spending in salons which work for them.

Browse all the hair brands which stand for the cause, because there are many out there which come with various types of sale announced to attract people to buy from them, which in turn contributes some percentage of the amount to the suffering as an aid. Do not think twice, just step in the salons and get whatever you want and pamper your tresses this month too, as you do in other months without getting into the dilemma, because the hair industry has taken the responsibility to contribute on your behalf. This month, your investment in hair could be ethical. Stand for the suffering and Stand for yourselves too!!

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