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Groped by Guards !

In a place like Delhi, the security must be tight. Because of previous miserable incidents that have taken place in the capital city, the government officials have taken enough measures to improve the protection throughout Delhi. The Metro Train services in Delhi have been serving over populated crowd in a very fine way. Because of the population, unlike the past, all the security officials have been instructed to check each and every passenger with their baggage. Most of them are doing their job properly and always in alert mode. But it wasn't the same with everyone. Some erroneous idiots were also there among them who mostly take advantage of people and their belongings.

During my stay in Delhi, I mostly traveled, cruised and explored whole capital city in Metro trains. I have almost boarded metro trains in each and every line in Delhi. Every time, a person enters a metro station to board a train, he/she must have to submit his/her belongings and their bodies too, for checking purposes. Even I used to follow the same protocol. I got myself and my belongings, checked every time I step in a metro station. But two incidents were totally unforgettable till date. They put me in extreme embarrassment. Once, it happened to my belongings and the other time, it was with my body.

First Incident:

After a lot of roaming and exploring in and around Chandni Chowk, I have shopped many interiors for my home. Some were tea light holders, some were hangings, some were Jaipur Work Wallets for my sisters. I was over excited after seeing such an affordable interior pieces in Chandni Chowk and I bought a lot of them. The Shopkeepers have wrapped them in newspapers and kept them in carton boxes. After shopping, I had boarded the train at Lal Quilla Metro station which was near to Red Fort. The security guards were so sweet, that they have helped me out with the whole shopping material. They could understand my situation of inability in carrying my baggage. But to the contrary, I have got stopped and taken aside by the security guards of Rajiv Chowk Metro Station while I was returning back to my hotel. I had to board a train to travel to the New Delhi Metro Station. Unfortunately. I was already too late.

These annoying guards have stopped me and asked me to open the cartons. I have answered them that they were some interior shopping material, wrapped in cartons. One among them, has asked me to leave, but the other one literally forced me to open all the carton boxes. I was furious already. I have agreed with them and opened all the material in front of them. That dumb security guard has found nothing but my shopping stuff and hell lot of crushed newspapers. And after all I have opened, patiently, that idiot has asked me to leave. I have denied leaving from that place till he helped me wrap all my interiors in those cartons. At first, he showed off his authority by giving that shitty regular duty lecture, but then I have warned him that I would lodge a complaint against him to Metro authorities. Hence, that so called over ambitious yet annoying security guard has helped me to wrap my shopping stuff. It was a complete portrayal of stupidity. Just because, I have been different with the way I carried myself, he mistook me for a terrorist or something. He also sounded very annoying when he asked me about my sexual orientation and the reason behind my long hair.

Second Incident:

The other day, I got dressed up in my Yellow sleeveless tee paired with White Shorts and Denim jacket. Due to hot temperatures outside, I didn't wear my Denim Jacket over my body and was just carrying it in my hands. This happened in the Delhi Aero City Metro Station. I have reached the station and approached towards the security guards to make myself and my bag get checked. One Security guard whose last name was Awasthi, seemed to be aged around 45 years old has literally groped me like anything. I thought duty of security guards was to just check the body, whether the person has some weapons or not. But he has crossed his limitations of his duty when he came back to my chest part after checking my whole body. I have pierced my nipples and navel. So I could sense that particular security guard might get some doubt. So I have clearly mentioned him beforehand, that I had a nipple piercing.

Though after listening to my words, that creepy bastard has squeezed my nipples tightly without my consent. It was more of like molesting. I loudly said "Ouch", due to pain. But, that indecent filth of shit, has laughed. I couldn't stop myself doing nothing but calling all the people around. I have completely got him all the attention he needed at that time. A few metro officials who were present over there has approached me asking the reason behind my screamings. I have questioned them seriously that whether a security guard has any right to touch a passenger's body inappropriately. I thought of leaving that incident, but his disastrous laugh has made me screw his happiness that day. I have added by posing a question in front of them that whether they would behave in a same way with women too. They got no answers for any of my questions and literally eating their own saliva in their mouths. Behalf of that creep, another metro official has apologized me and pleased me to move further. But, that creep hasn't uttered a single word, not even apologized to me. That irked me the whole day. I thought I would teach him a lesson, if I ever bumped into him. But I couldn't find him after that day.

We could cherish few instances, but these kind of incidents couldn't be cherished. These never leaves the memory of a person too. They are sort of unforgettable which acts like shadows every time we come across the places where the situations had taken place. It is easy to judge, criticize and laugh about others body, sexual orientation and everything about them. But it is very tough to understand the fellow person and act according to it. It depends on how a person perceives and receive people. Unlike all the other security guards who has checked me every time I step in Metro stations of Delhi, Why only these two has acted inappropriately? Why one, has sensed that something suspicious might be found in my luggage? Why another one, took an advantage of my body and behaved in a senseless way? These two guards have assumed that I wouldn't say any word to them or couldn't revert them. But, I completely proved them wrong and have raised my Voice against them in front of hundreds of people.

One must have to prove that people are wrong to prove themselves right, especially when there is something degrades the identity of a person due to judgmental scenario around you because of one's own appearance. Say it because of Color, Religion, Creed, Nationality, Sexual orientation and every single constraint that comes under judgmental context. Be Bold enough to stand for yourself..!

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