Get ready for a Sensual Lap Dance!

We all know lap dances are exotic to watch. The moves are so graceful and flexible enough. One of the dance forms to entice the audience and to attract people. Normally, lap dancers are trained to be seductive enough to hypnotize people with their moves. Well, not a dance blog to tell you how to be a better lap dancer, but indeed your lap dance moves can be very useful in an erotic way. Inspired by the feasible moves of the Lap dance form, a sex position has designed named after the very dance form!

Sex is all about being flexible to take your partner inside of you physically, emotionally and sensually. To make that possible, a person must have a piece of proper knowledge about sensual sex positions, especially like the 'Lap Dance' sex position. This is a popular sex position like classic missionary, but also the intense and deeper one to which entwine two bodies together in the name of lust and love.

Have you ever observed lap dancers? Look at their thighs and the spacing they maintain between their legs and also focus on their strictly edgy yet graceful moves. It feels orgasmic. Then imagine the intensity of this particular sex position. Regardless of the genders and sexual orientations, this can be practiced by any person. Though it is one of the basic positions, it has the flexibility of working it out at any place.

According to gay couples, in this position, a gay top should sit and spread his legs wider till his pelvic muscles and thigh muscles feel comfortable in managing the gap between them. This is to allow his gay bottom partner to hop gracefully on his manhood for the penetration. Yes, the lap dance is an anal sex position which includes anal penetration more deeply and intensely.

The gay bottom positioning is more flexible than a gay top positioning. This means the person who penetrates should stick to one position by spreading his legs and sitting on a couch, on the edge of a bed, on a brink, on a bench, on a kitchen slab, or even on a commode. Hence, it means this position can be practiced anywhere as it needs less space but the positioning is strictly in seating position. Whereas the person who gets penetrated can gracefully place his thighs and legs on the legs of his partner or on either side of his partner's legs or in between his partner's legs.

Even though a person who receives penetration should be in a sitting position, he/she can slightly half squat or half stand to maintain the proper gap between the genitals. And that's how a couple can make out in a shower room or any washroom of any place. It is too feasible to try regardless of the space of the place.

As this is a flexible position, a couple also needs to be flexible to make this work. A person must be flexible enough in his leg muscles mostly. Because this position demands the holding capabilities of a person to last it for a while without cramps. And this also includes pelvic muscles, anal muscles, and thigh muscles. So, make sure you are healthy enough to try this position.