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Get over the fear of turning your sheets, Brown during anal sex!

Whenever we think about gay sex, anal penetrations flash in our minds because that's how genital intercourse happens among gays and that's quite natural. Anal sex involves butts and buttholes and biologically they are primarily meant for downloading the useless shit and this is more natural than anything else and it happens to every human. Now, you must consider this particular fact without feeling disgusted. Sex is not only erotic and exotic, it can also be dirty and filthy. So, one must be prepared to see any side, be it sensual or biological.

But hardly, a few gay men embrace every particular side of sex and consider ass, not just as a genital part for intercourse but also a human part which plays a prominent role in defecation. So, why do most of the gay tops feel disgusted and why do most of the gay bottoms feel embarrassed when something unpredictable happens during anal sex. To clear the clouds, you must know one important thing; ass is an ass, and it does the work what it is meant for and no ass, is perfectly clean, no matter how professional the gay bottom is and no matter how particular the gay top is. Period!

Of course, cleaning your ass perfectly by sparing more than an hour to get ready for the act may make you feel that you are shitless and pure inside, but what about the inner rectal valves, a hell lot of bacteria, and the whole anatomy of an ass? Why don't you feel repulsive regarding those like the way how you make your face when you find shit on your condom while penetrating your partner? You, especially all the gay tops, must take those typical conservative thoughts out of your mind, about having sex with a gay bottom's cleanest butt. When you tell your partner to be clean and hygiene, anally, you cause anxiety in your partner's mind, which sometimes makes things worse.

Sex is unpredictable. You never know when you may ejaculate and sometimes you may last longer than you ever had, sometimes you climax very early after a hell lot of preparations. You can't do anything about it, but you can always stay positive for whatever outcomes you face while having sex, because, with this attitude, you can go ahead and explore the sensual world. If not, you end up complaining about everything and feel dissatisfied forever!

No one likes to fuck the shit. Everyone feels yucky when they find poop on the sheets or their penis or their partner's butt. But you shouldn't make faces, express disgust, and feel obnoxious. Instead, you need to handle the matter in a very mature way.

Before planning for hanging out for sex, intimate your partner to be prepared, and please don't get into details. Because bottoms know how to prepare themselves for having someone inside of them. If you tell your sex partner about cleaning his ass completely, there are chances that he may freak out a bit and some people don't like mentioning that particular phrase at all. They may feel awkward, uninviting, and disappointed and if you are a gay top who specifically stresses about giving instructions for your partners to clean their asses, then you mostly get rejected for sure.

If you get engaged in a quickie without any prior notice, inform your partner that you need time to clean yourself and if you are a gay top, be a gentleman and ask your partner to take some time to get prepared. If you rush up, then you may face unexpected things and when you do that, accept it and never complain. Simple.

Be supportive instead of taunting about a particular off-putting event in sex. Many gay tops drag the things too far when it comes to turning the sheets brown unexpectedly. Never do that. When something shitty happens, try to forget it, then and there. If you keep repeating in your mind or keep stressing your partner, then you may never be able to enjoy sex, especially anal sex. It would be good for you and your partner if you don't bring that one moment, every time!

Don't treat gay bottoms as fuck-machines. Human's ass do discharge waste and you can't deny it. Even though your bottom is perfectly cleaned up, sometimes after hours of intimate intimacy, your bottom partner may feel like pooping or filled up with shit inside. Respect the digestion process and allow him to clean himself, instead of treating it as a big turn-off aspect!

And if you feel like dumping your shit, please inform your partners and take a break, even though if you are in the middle of a steamy sex session. If you keep controlling your biological process, it may burst out. So, don't turn your sheets brown with your stupidity. Think about yourself instead of focusing on disappointing your partner for a while! Be matured!

Talking about shit is not a dirty part. Indeed, it's a beneficial part. Doing regular enema, cleaning yourself with jet spray from time to time, using poppers and anti-diarrhea pills, don't help you always. Every single process of cleaning your ass has its cons. So, instead of escaping the biological process, try to accept it and manage it with good cleaning measures without the inclusion of drugs. And yes, many gay bottoms feel pressurized by their partners and get into these drugs and ultimately they get addicted. Don't ruin yourself in the process of satisfying another person.

If you find poop on your condom while having sex, just allow yourself to change the condom without expressing embarrassment. If you don't feel bad to see each other naked, why do you feel bad when you face bodily discharges? Moreover, ask your partner to clean himself by assuring him that it's completely fine. Make sure, your partner is comfortable while having anal sex because only he can feel 'his' inside, not you. Don't come to conclusions without knowing the anatomy of your partner. Be a gay top who is supportive, understanding, and appealing. Be a gay bottom, who is communicative, accepting, and embracing the whole scene of sex! Get the fear over dirty butts and turning your sheets brown during anal sex because this little perspective may create wonders in bed!

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