Get over the fear of turning your sheets, Brown during anal sex!

Whenever we think about gay sex, anal penetrations flash in our minds because that's how genital intercourse happens among gays and that's quite natural. Anal sex involves butts and buttholes and biologically they are primarily meant for downloading the useless shit and this is more natural than anything else and it happens to every human. Now, you must consider this particular fact without feeling disgusted. Sex is not only erotic and exotic, it can also be dirty and filthy. So, one must be prepared to see any side, be it sensual or biological.

But hardly, a few gay men embrace every particular side of sex and consider ass, not just as a genital part for intercourse but also a human part which plays a prominent role in defecation. So, why do most of the gay tops feel disgusted and why do most of the gay bottoms feel embarrassed when something unpredictable happens during anal sex. To clear the clouds, you must know one important thing; ass is an ass, and it does the work what it is meant for and no ass, is perfectly clean, no matter how professional the gay bottom is and no matter how particular the gay top is. Period!