Gender identities under the roof of Non-binary!

Gender binary consists of two typical genders, male and female. In some countries like India, Transgenders identify as the third gender, but many other gender identities have nothing to do with all these genders because they are non-binary. Where gender-binary is considered in the regular societal norms, non-binary gender identities are mostly suppressed. Non-binary acts as an umbrella term for many other gender identities apart from male, female, and transgender.

A person who identifies one's self not considering a particular gender identity or a blend of gender identities or not bothering about any gender identity can be tagged as a non-binary person. Many people have barely any idea about these identities and queer people are confused about their gender identities because they feel they don't belong to particular gender identity. Androgynous, Genderqueer, Agender, Gender non-conforming, Gender fluid are the gender identities that fall under the roof of Non-binary! Androgynous: The people under this particular gender identity, present themselves as neither specifically masculine nor feminine. This form of non-binary is the most common among the queer community where people don't like to tag themselves as completely male or female. The dressing style, personality behavior, and the appearances of these people can never be judged under one particular gender. You may see an androgynous person wearing a crop top with ripped jeans and maintaining a beard simultaneously. The perfect blend of both masculinity and femininity can make others judge them as third gender or transgender, but indeed, they must be identified as non-binary people. They don't like being stuck in men's wear or women's wear, they just like what they choose to wear regardless of gender distinctions.