Gender identities under the roof of Non-binary!

Gender binary consists of two typical genders, male and female. In some countries like India, Transgenders identify as the third gender, but many other gender identities have nothing to do with all these genders because they are non-binary. Where gender-binary is considered in the regular societal norms, non-binary gender identities are mostly suppressed. Non-binary acts as an umbrella term for many other gender identities apart from male, female, and transgender.

A person who identifies one's self not considering a particular gender identity or a blend of gender identities or not bothering about any gender identity can be tagged as a non-binary person. Many people have barely any idea about these identities and queer people are confused about their gender identities because they feel they don't belong to particular gender identity. Androgynous, Genderqueer, Agender, Gender non-conforming, Gender fluid are the gender identities that fall under the roof of Non-binary! Androgynous: The people under this particular gender identity, present themselves as neither specifically masculine nor feminine. This form of non-binary is the most common among the queer community where people don't like to tag themselves as completely male or female. The dressing style, personality behavior, and the appearances of these people can never be judged under one particular gender. You may see an androgynous person wearing a crop top with ripped jeans and maintaining a beard simultaneously. The perfect blend of both masculinity and femininity can make others judge them as third gender or transgender, but indeed, they must be identified as non-binary people. They don't like being stuck in men's wear or women's wear, they just like what they choose to wear regardless of gender distinctions.

You find some men in feminine wear like crop tops and skirts whereas you encounter some women with short hair and in suits. This particular dressing style is considered as an androgynous fashion sense. Currently, to bring the change in society, many designers came forward to present androgynous fashionable clothes on their models in their shows. But gradually, this fashion sense became a statement to all the genuine non-binary androgynous people. And you don't have any right to consider an androgynous person as transgender just because of the way of clothing. And always remember, there is a difference between cross-dressing and androgynous fashion.

Gender fluid: People who are gender fluid are the ones who appreciate the concept of fluidity in gender identity. Instead of sticking to one gender for whole life or presenting one's self as an amalgamation of two genders, these people believe in the flowing aspect of genders. Simply, they do believe in gender-binary and also non-binary at the same time but they never stick to either of the concepts. They go with the flow of life with various genders according to their feelings. Sometimes, these people may feel super masculine, but never consider themselves as males and sometimes as ultimate feminine but never tag as females. They are gender fluid because even they know that feeling super masculine or feminine is not just a phase or a constant thing in life. They move on with their feelings and portray their personality with behaviors or appearances, the way they like without making a particular gender statement.

Generally, people get confused with gender fluidity. Like how a person can change one's gender identity in various phases of life? Strictly speaking, it's an evolving exploration of gender identities in one body to match one's soul according to various feelings. Gender fluidity is an emerging form of non-binary where people never identify or present as one constant gender throughout life.

Agender: It's the same as asexuality in sexual orientations. As gender identities are different from sexual orientations, the agender is all about not identifying one's self as a particular gender. They express their feelings and portray their personalities regardless of gender identity. These break the regular stereotypes of gender because the concept of gender plays no role in a person who identifies one's self as an agender. So, everything they do in lust, love, and life, has nothing to do with gender.

This doesn't mean they are not blessed with a sex organ during birth. Sexes have no role in gender identities. A person can be born with a person and people identify as male but with the flow of life, a person may feel being identified himself with no gender is better than identifying as male, then that person must be considered as non-binary with no respect of genitalia. Gender Nonconforming: This gender identity breaks all the stereotypes who expect males to behave like typical macho and females to be ultimately graceful. Yes, gender non-conforming people portray their personalities exactly opposite to their preferred genders. The physical or behavioral characteristics do not match with the traditional behavioral or gender norms in society. Yes, have you seen a girl behave exactly like a boy and wants herself to be tagged as a male? Have you come across a boy who smiles gracefully and portrays the postures and gestures like a girl? Next time, if you see, don't ask them why they do that. Just understand that they are non-binary.

This form of non-binary is very controversial and one of the most judged ones too. Especially in Indian society and in some states, people are highly judged according to the way how they walk and speak, especially males. All the men are expected to be tough nuts with long mustache-beard looks and typically be dominating personalities. Unfortunately, some men can't feel like that no matter what. Most of the millennials understood this form of non-binary and perfectly fine with carrying their personalities happily without being confirmed as their gender need not match their behavioral patterns.