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Future is Fluid...!

Gender Fluid... Gender Queer... Gender Neutral

People are treating these words as trends in fashion but nothing more than that. Those trends are only getting showcased in high fashion runways on bodies of hot models. It is still weird in India seeing a Man in Indian ethnic Lehenga or Skirts. They are either getting bullied or trolled by cranky memes online.

Is India accepting Gender Fluid Fashion trend? Or else it's just moderately limited to celebrities at award shows and fashion weeks?

Model wearing Rohit Bal's Gender Fluid Collection

The answer is a big No. Someone who knows the value of word Fashion and follows the trend each and every day, will never accept the fact that Indian society is not so acceptable with the term called Gender Fluid. Because here in our country, clothing is restricted to gender norms.

It's not that Country isn't progressing in Fashion. In fact, it is booming and blossoming like a fresh lotus everyday, more and more petals. Do designers really are designing them for common crowd? Can they really showcase them on Male Mannequins on their store fronts?

Because I have never found a single Mannequin wearing a Men Skirt. Being the person who ardently follows Gender fluid fashion trend, literally roamed around India's largest malls to find a Men lehenga for my cousin's wedding.

I have faced Political correctness scene when I was asking about the Men Skirts in so called fancy designer stores. Discrimination against Queer people is sort of getting common these days. Designers are coming up with great taglines when they portray their skills on Gender Fluid Clothing lines. The question is, is that enough? Why they have to get restricted to the editorial column of magazines? Why they are not displaying them like they do with "Normal Clothing"?

Effeminate Future Spring 2015 Collection by Jamie Elwood

Because, the Society has come up with these cliche gender disparity concepts in Clothing. Human mindsets in India have set up and tuned to accept Men in Dhotis and Women in Saris.

According to my survey, 78% of people in India do not have knowledge of Gender Fluidity and Gender Neutral clothing. And you know, what kind of people come under that roof of remaining percentage, designers, bloggers and people who follow them virtually.

The question is how many people are following it in reality? There are only a very few of them. Forget about society, is our own self is accepting it? Are you fine and comfortable appreciating gender fluid clothing outdoors? Are you bold enough to carry the outfits which spread gender fluid vibes?

A Blazer with a floral Skirt. My version of Gender Fluid Fashion

Indians are very futuristic in every single aspect of life. Time is fluid, the future is fluid. There wouldn't be any rules, regulations, and restrictions in terms of clothing in the future. Regardless the acceptance by society and moral policing by near and dear, there are few queer people who are really appreciated and following the trend of Fluid fashion. And most importantly, sexual orientations have been never a reason for gender fluidity. Many straight and gay celebrities across the world following the trend and carrying the outfits in a utmost graceful way. Internationally, this trend has started many years ago. Indian designers have striven hard to get this fashion in trend to blur the lines between gender disparities. Models are indeed inspiring the normal crowd in the society to try clothes which are unisexual, gender fluid and neutral. Here comes the hypocrite side of the Society. People appreciate those models who wear gender fluid clothes, but they don't like carrying those outfits for themselves and people around them too. The reality is, people just like to double tap on the clicks of models who wear those outfits. They can never be able to relate themselves or others around them with Virtually acclaimed Gender fluidity. It's just a fact of Hypocrisy.

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