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Fusion... Music & Sex! - NSFW 

Fusion is Amalgamation. Fusion is blending. Fusion is Combination. Fusion is merging. Fusion is something which is experimental by mixing various things together. Generally, this word is mostly used in Music Industry. Fusion music is all about blending Jazz with a tint of Blues, Rock, Funk, Folk and many more. Fusion music exists in many ways like International and Indian. Fusion is Art. What if, the blending of various aspects take place in Sex? Because as I always say, Sex is an art which must be embraced in every single possible way.

This week, I'm here to present you one of the favorite Sex positions that can be tried by any person regardless sexual orientation. Because, Fusion is unlimited too. Fusion is also one of the sex positions that can be practiced by couples. Just because, I mentioned the name as Fusion, doesn't mean it is a complicated one. This sex position is kind of easy but must be a balance act.

Fusion sex position is an Anal sex position, which means, the penetration must be required to appreciate this position. It's neither a foreplay, nor a post play act. Indeed, it's just a play without any connection of first and second base. This particular position is totally prone to third base of the body. The balance of the act must be taken into consideration to practice this position during sex.

In the hottest moments of anal sex, if one got bored of Classic Missionary or Doggy positions, they can try this position. Fusion sex position is a blend of Missionary and Cowboy positions. It is also a blend of floor and aerial position too. One can try in air with the support of walls and also can try on floor with the support of hands.

Fusion sex position can be practiced in a way where the bottom gay guy/ girl hold the body in half air by taking supporting of his/her hands and slightly raise the third base so that the Top gay guy/ guy/ girl can penetrate the dick inside of the asshole or vagina of the partner. It is one kind of missionary where the partners face each other but the way of penetration differs in Fusion. The penetration will be straight into the hole by giving continuous strokes to the partner.

In the gay sex scene, the bottom guy has to hold his body flexibly in wide position with the support of hands. The top guy sit normally on the floor by keeping his hands back and just raise his frontal to get inside of his partner. In this position, any one of the partners must be stable in his position, so that the penetration can be able to happen perfectly.

This positions helps you enjoy the anal sex session for some more time in a different way. This position is experimental and there won't be any issues too until and unless if you fantasize it to be happened in air with the support of walls. At that moment, both the partners must take care of their bodies sticking to the walls and support each other. In this aerial fusion position, the penetration only acts as the balance of the bodies in the center. This is what Fusion sex is, exciting and experimental. Fusion sex is kind of common but the way how someone can turn it into a sex experiment, makes it feel different.

The position is totally focused on anal penetration and nothing more. The partners can't kiss while having sex in this position. They can only lock their lips when they come forward but that kind of dilute the meaning of this position. So, just try enjoying the sex by taking or giving the dick deep inside of your partner. You just have to focus on anal parts. And lubrication would help in effective way of making love.

Safety is always important while experimenting Fusion sex position. Safe sex is best sex. Try to balance the bodies properly. Don't keep the total weight on your partner, especially bottom guys. This will make the top guys feel over weight and can loose the flavor of it. Practice this only if you don't have back issue. Flexibility and Holding capacities play vital role in this Fusion Sex Position. Use Condoms while practicing this position, because that helps you give fine strokes and extra lubrication too. And I always suggest sex with a safety.

So, What are you waiting for fellas, Grab your partner this weekend and set the place for a great sex. Enjoy the Fusion music while having fun in Fusion Sex position. Raise the hotness bar in your room by mixing music with sex. Because, Fusion is all about melting right. Melt in love with your partner while making love.

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