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From a sex addict to a sex admirer...

The journey of this transformation is interesting yet difficult. As everyone says, sex is an ultimate form of showing love and some also name the fornication as making love, which is adorable to hear and experience too. But, in most cases, it all starts with lust. And gradually, the lust turns into love, but lust never disappears or vanishes off. It stays always with a person because to have sex with someone, lust plays a prominent role than anything else. In love, the emotions may sometimes confuse a person, but practically lust gives the only clarity to get engaged with the person we love physically and sexually. That is the power of various kinds of lust, after all, it is the basic foundation for any relationship.

In any relationship, sex is important to express love and to fulfill the bodily pleasures and needs of a person. This is a kind of basic essential in a human's life. But in some people, the portion of sexual pleasures exceeds other needs. Indeed, they can give up on food, but not on sex. For them, sex is the only way to communicate their souls to others, sometimes to understand themselves, sometimes to relieve their stress and sometimes to even fight with their depressions and anxiety issues. Humans always connect their physical stress with their mental stress, and sex is the only thing that can act as a bridge between these two types of stress to balance the whole proportion of a human body, physically and mentally.

These sexually hyperactive people turn out to be sex addicts and dealing them always must include sex to love them, to convince them, to restrict them and sometimes to even get rid of them. Like other addicts, these people behave in a weird way when they don't meet the proper amount of sex sessions per day. Unfortunately, some people have to deal with these sex addicts as their partners. It is always easy to tackle them if they have a partner who can understand the necessity of having sex every single day. But not everyone can get such partners who can accept addicts, no offense. Some normally sexual active people come across these sexual addicts as their partners. This is when a person must strive hard to transform their sex addict partner to sex admirer.

  • To make that happen, you must become a sex admirer to turn your sex addict partner into a sex admirer like you. And for that, you must understand the value, emotion, feelings behind the world of sex and the importance of it to survive a relationship and move it further in life. If you are just a person of emotions and do not know how to shower them, you must grow up in the game by knowing all about physical satisfaction.

  • It is to be noted that sex is not the only part of love, but it plays an important part in life. If you do not focus on that part, your relationship becomes shallow and you feel incomplete no matter how many times you utter the phrase called "I love you".

  • Never tell your partner that he/she is a sex addict. Because no one likes the term called addict and for you, it seems like an addiction, but for your partner, it may be just a necessity or a habitual routine. You must understand it and deliver it properly without creating ripples in your relationship.

  • To make someone understand the extremes, you must try to make them believe in the normality. To show their sexual addiction status, you must reveal the value of ideal sex through making love in a perfect way, not too much and not too little. Make your partner understand the difference between quality and quantity.

  • Because, for sex addicts, always the number of sex sessions per day matters. They become frustrated if they don't have sex regularly. They don't give a damn about feelings, emotions, time, schedules, climaxing, long-lasting, fulfilling the pleasures, satisfying sexual desires. All they want is to have their partner beside them in bed whenever they feel like having sex. Addiction always affects the ethics and emotions of a person.

  • So, try making your partner register about all the elements he/she has been missing in a relationship just to have endless sex all the time. Transform them into sex admirers by making them comprehend the importance of limited lovemaking. They must accept that sex is not about having it too many times without emotions, but having it whole-heartedly regardless of the limitations of time.

  • There are chances that you may be misunderstood by your partner in the process of making him identify what he is up to in a relationship. And sometimes, you also need to have a lot of patience to deal with the situations because it takes time for a person to transform. Sometimes, proper lovemaking serves the purpose and sometimes acting accordingly to your partners' sexual arousal terms serves the purpose of transformation. You must be prepared for anything because, at the end of the day, it is for you, your partner and your relationship.

Love is all about transformations. Millions of people change their personalities just to make their loved ones happy, safe and satisfied. Change is inevitable and it is good if it leads a relationship towards fruition. But addictions surely lead a relationship towards toxicity and it is never recommended. Hence, love is the only medicine to transform your loved one with the utmost patience and care. In the case of sex addicts, lovemaking is the only answer. Because a sex addict can get transformed into a sex admirer when he/she able to discern the worth of emotions involved in making love. So, always be a sex admirer to transform others as sex admirers.

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