Freedom is not free...Earn it...!

It makes sense, isn't it? Nothing is free in this world, including freedom itself because even freedom has to be earned at the cost of sacrificing something and someone in any person's life. Currently, we all are breathing and enjoying societal freedom after a hell lot of oppression and suppressing our freedom fighters' lives. Many have struggled in the past for the bright future and we are fortunately enjoying the fruit of it. And there is a famous saying that "you don't know the true value of anything which you don't earn". No offense, but many of us, don't know the value of our parents' love because many of us didn't have to struggle to earn the unconditional love of our parents. It's the same with the heritage, prestige, social status, money and yes, lifestyle too.

Queer lifestyle is not just a trend and not about exhibiting one's gaudy and flashy side every single day to prove to be queer and different from the crowd to seek attention, to prove that the lifestyle of a queer person can be more interesting than anyone else. Is it necessary in our part to prove to the society that queer lifestyle is in its booming game? We are way better than proving, we are good at inspiring. Freedom comes with a lot of struggle and sacrifice. One thing must be accepted, every queer person struggles and come over many difficulties by sacrificing their wishes, health, wealth and desires, but only a few can lead a lifestyle that inspires others to come out of the closets. Why can't every one of us do that? Is it a lot of inspiration to kill the vibes in society?

After a lot of developments in the world regarding the regulations against the LGBT community in various countries, the queer is enjoying the freedom of choice and freedom of equality and freedom of love and much more. There are many options for us to lead our lifestyles in whatever way we want to. Hence, things are getting more complicated than before. With a lot of freedom, every person comes with various opinions and various opinions lead to various discussions, oh sorry, various arguments and at the end, simply collapsing the harmony of the society and degrading the value of the whole community. It's not about dressing up flashily, having drag shows and throwing bashes every weekend to celebrate the uniqueness and unity of the community. It's not at all that. It's about how one queer person is offending another one in respect of feelings.

The terminologies included under the term "Queer" are many. But many of us don't even give a damn about knowing and understanding the feelings of others. For suppose, in the gay community, people offend each other by mentioning in their dating profiles that they don't like chubby guys, don't like effeminate guys, don't like elder gays and many more differences. And some lesbians don't like dating other lesbians because they simply don't attract them. Some Transgenders take every gay person as a transgender and aggressively rub their opinions in society and behave inappropriately for unnecessary attention. Some asexual people don't find time for any other queer person just because they can't see any person sexually. So, is the queer is all about just penetrations of sex? That's it? Don't you think that we have a duty of penetrating our feelings to soothe another struggling queer person?

Now that we all got freedom, we take all the people who struggled for freedom for granted and won't serve the purpose of uplifting the queer around us right. That's not at all fair at every one of us. The main clash is arising in the opinions. There is no rule that everyone should think in the same way and there is no rule that everyone should follow your way of leading a lifestyle. People are opinionated and queer people are boldly leading their lifestyles with their choices and desires. For the sake of a healthy community, people must learn to accept some people even though they don't get them. We need to sacrifice something to get something in return. This is how the world has been working since it has begun. Isn't it? Instead of ignoring the subject and leading your lifestyle for the sake of your self, keep some efforts in listening, understanding and handling the problems of a fellow queer person, because, in that way, a person can acquire the freedom in full shape. Because freedom is all about struggles and sacrifices. Try understanding the struggles of a person and sacrifice some of your time or energy or your opinions if they clash yours and try to support the fellow struggling person and lead that person to live on the terms of a good and healthy lifestyle.