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Five meanings to derive from your partner's silent treatment.

Silence is one of the most effective weapons that can make things get done accordingly, also on the contrary it means many things that ultimately lead to the breakage of a bond, especially romantic bonds. Often people employ silence in their relationships to depict their side of the story, to prove their points, to impart a lesson or to express their emotions that can't be confronted and noticed easily. Indeed, silence has many meanings but we precisely cannot comprehend them because of our distractions and diversions. But if you focus on the issue or the recent happenings or the situations that coldly cause a crack in your bond, any person can derive the right meaning from one's partner's silent treatment.

Silent treatment among couples endures nothing but remaining silent for a good amount of time till the other person notices the change or continuing to be silent after the confrontation to prove the point at any cost. It will only end when the other person gets convinced and satisfied according to the associated terms. So, if you struggle to interpret the code of your partner's odd and out-of-nowhere silence, then you need to know the meaning behind their silence first before reaching conclusions.


It's kind of common but also rare in its way because not everyone can remain silent for longer spans if they are pissed off with their partners and their behavioural patterns. Most couples vent their anger on each other in the form of instant insults, sarcastic comebacks, ignoring each other, or even shouting and screaming at each other. But silence hardly becomes an option as an initial defence when a person feels aggrieved with one's partner. It comes into existence mostly after a confrontation. After venting out, people typically take some time where they stay silent to get back to their normal moods but if your partner still being silent even after having a discussion or an argument or sorting things out, then it means your partner isn't satisfied with the outcome and still looking for the right solution. So, don't act recklessly when your partner continues to remain silent even after vindicating your partner's anger because you still need to clear the remains of that anger to break the silent treatment for good.


In relationships, people face fluctuations in expressing themselves and sometimes they miscommunicate, misunderstand and misjudge their partners out of intense love, absolute jealousy or possessiveness. And when they feel extremely sorry for their partners and bad for themselves, they may fall into the pit of guilt and suddenly remain to continue to be silent by considering it as their coping mechanism to get things right. And when you observe this sudden silence after getting to know that your partner went wrong in doubting you or shouting at you unnecessarily or handling you badly, then the only meaning behind that silence is that your partner feels sorry and guilty for the mistake. Things will get back to normal only if you notice it and act accordingly by showing your grant of heartful forgiveness or simply a gesture that shows you care nothing but love and accept that mistakes happen in relationships.

(Note: only if the mistakes are tolerable enough to put them behind.)

Change of equation:

This kind of silent treatment is indeed a troubling sign for any person because things take a different path altogether as this silence may ruin a relationship if it isn't recognized and treated properly. Often couples fall apart after spending some lovely times together due to various reasons but mostly because of the loss of charm in a romantic bond. After investing time and effort in one person, there may be a chance of feeling monotony. Hence, your partner may try to signal you to kindle the spark again in your relationship to survive it further. But if you overlook those signs and remain unbothered, then your partner surely opts for remaining silent after such trials to make you notice the reality of your relationship. Even after observing the silence, if you don't act upon it, then there will be a change of equation between you both and that silence creates a vast void in your relationship. Don't let it happen and the only way you can get rid of this silence is to talk, open up and ask the reason behind the silence. Simple.


Some secrets expect the help of silence to hide the information so that one doesn't have to disclose the facts but unfortunately such silence often makes sounds that any partner could easily get to know. If your partner is facing any kind of personal, professional or psychological issue, there is a chance that your partner may opt to hide so that you won't get disturbed or diverted from your individual life. Often people overthink sharing their issues with their partners by assuming unnecessary complications or even losing the relationship altogether. If you observe such kind of ghostly silence where your partner tries to hide something behind regular behaviour with a soulless smile, then you need to understand there must be a problem underlying that sudden loss of charm in your partner with a tint of inexplicable silence. Keep an eye on your partner's issues.

Enforced transformation:

Changes are inevitable, transitions are needed and transformations bring newness to life but when they are demanded, they don't look authentic and indeed they change the whole vibe and it applies to relationships too. If you appreciate someone for some things and fall for their real traits, then you must cherish them eternally the way they are. But if you fail at it by complaining about the realness that interested you initially after reaching a certain point in the relationship by imposing changes, then it specifies you expect your partner to be transformed according to your personality, maybe like you, which is almost next to impossible. This forced change in a person's attitude, behaviour and personality, surely leaves that person with depression, especially if that person can't adapt to the change but tries to adapt for the sake of love. This particular phenomenon can be seen in couples who are committed to each other under marital bonds. But if this continues, that person starts remaining silent. That person may continue to be silent till he/she reaches the saturation point and once that person feels like too much, the whole relationship will burst out badly. So, if you feel your partner starts accepting whatever you impose with utmost silence, then it specifies that your partner hardly embraces the relationship with you. Try to scrutinize the silence so that you won't end up hurting your partner.

These silent treatments aren't beneficial for couples no matter how they result. If you sulk with silence to derive materialistic pleasures out of your partner's will to keep up with the relationship, then you end up taking your partner for granted which leads to the fallout ultimately. Never opt for silence more than required and opt for it carefully when you suppose to remain silent for the good of your relationship. The above-mentioned meanings are to perceive the behavioural patterns of your partner to act on your bond when it feels awkwardly silent.

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