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Filling your life with many loved ones...

Fortunately, most of us are blessed with too many people in our life who love, understand and accept us the way we are, until and unless we come out as something or someone people never expect from us. As we are humans, we can't be the same person all time and we change our personality according to our life and lifestyle choices. Sexual orientations are one of such choices. Many of us might have lost all our loved ones in our life soon after we came ours as someone who is not heterosexual because society only gives an acceptance seal to these people. But, still, the people from the LGBTQIA+ community, rise high by mingling with like-minded ones and get back to the normal life with the same amount of loved ones.

Like how heterosexuality is highly accepted and the most considered sexual orientation in the world, monogamy is the highly preferred and the kind of relationship society favors mostly. Because, society believes that being with more than one person romantically, physically, sexually, emotionally involved is a complete sin. So, this is why people who opt for Polyamory are treated as weirdos and it's hard for others to accept them and their partners. Sexual orientations and romantic relationships are purely interlinked with each other. Say it, no matter what kind of sexual orientation you belong to, if you opt for monogamy, you will be at least saved by the criticism of society based on being constantly fixed for one single person for the whole life. But, judgmental criticism is comparatively high for those people who belong to various sexual orientations and also in Polyamory. Because it's hard for the typical society to digest the lives of such people. If you lose in one place, you always gain better in another place.

Strictly speaking, not all the people who follow monogamy are happy with their partners because a single human cannot provide all the needs and all the love in the world to his/her partner. It's true and hard to process. If you still don't agree, ask yourself whether you can provide every single aspect of your monogamous relationship! And always observe the fact that polygamy and poly-amorous are completely two different concepts. And being with more than one loved partner sexually, emotionally and physically is not at all illegal. Hence, it is universally accepted and you don't have to be afraid and feel different just because countless people around you are having relationships with a single person in their lives. If you want to be loved by more than one person or love a limited number of people equally, then you are always allowed to try Polyamory in your life.

You are not weird and annoying to have a thought of being with more than one person. But it shouldn't be including the cheating part in your relationship. Because that's not acceptable. You must be open to your relationship. With the proper consent and being consensual with each other, more than two persons can be in a polyamorous relationship. All the open relationships cannot be poly-amorous but all the poly-amorous relationships can be open. It completely depends on how people involved in the Polyamorous relationship by being connected. Of course, it may start with having sex with multiple partners at the same time, but there is no limitation for being in a polyamorous relationship which says people only look for sex. It's a wrong concept. Polyamory works without sex too sometimes, but the aspects of love, respect and freedom are a must. Indeed, it's all about love. People get into Polyamory when they feel that they can love more than one person at the same time equally. It can be between a couple and another person or it can between different people from different sexual orientations fall in love with each other and want to spend life with each other.

It takes a lot of courage for people to try out Polyamorous relationships under current societal norms, but if you are clearer with your love standards and if you are confident enough that you and your partners can be together in a relationship, then yes, you can be in a Polyamory relationship. During the process, you may get judged to the core by others and you may feel left out and a bit different than before. You may lose your people, friends, family, and relatives too. But you must be strong enough with your decision of being in love with more than one person with the proper consent of each other because this is important. It is all about filling your life with your loved ones romantically. You may lose people who love you as a son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, friend, relative or any other relation. But in the end, if people love you truly, they stay with you no matter what. So, never give up on your romantic relationships because of other entangling relations in your life. And also never think that only monogamy is accepted, if that is the case, then why do humans can be able to love more than one person. Hence, Polyamory is naturally and universally accepted. So, go ahead and keep filling your life with many loved ones, if you think you are capable of loving every partner of yours equally in every aspect! Be clear before choosing.

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