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Feelings you need to worry about, after getting into one-night stands!

Emotions and feelings sometimes become hard to tackle, no matter how good you are at controlling your moods and at that particular moment, you need to stop or take a break from your casual dating lifestyle scenario, if not you may end up ruining your dating ethics, inner peace, and harmony!

Always remember, involving no emotions is also one kind of a micro emotion and hence, you must be very careful while dealing with your one-night stands and this is why most people struggle with their emotions and get swallowed up by the darkness of the dilemma. There are a few feelings you should be bothered about, especially when you purposely feeling them again and again, whenever you hang out with your one-night stand partners.

Agree with it or not, physical and sensual feelings towards a person undoubtedly affects your emotional side of your personality. One-night stands are supposed to be hanging out with random desirable partners for only one night and forgetting them later on. But if you choose the same partner and meet that person under the name one-night stand for too many nights, you need to check yourself, because you already broke the ground rule by continuing a bond for more than one night! It doesn't have to be love, but that person must be something special, even though you treat that person as only good in bed. Think about it!

If you are waking up in the mornings after your every one-night stand with the deepest feeling of regret and guilt as if you have committed a crime or a huge sin, you either need to stop your one-night stand dating scenes or else check yourself whether you are getting influenced by some external sources and opinions.

If you are giving a thought about people's judgmental criticism regarding your choice of opting for one-night stands as your dating lifestyle, it means you are not quite sure of what you are doing and on top of it, somewhere deep down, you too criticize yourself for getting into one-night stands. So, that feeling of self-doubt slowly makes you self-sabotage and the end gets quite messier.

The cardinal rule of one-night stands is the non-involvement of tender emotions. So, if you feel that you are romantically getting attached to every person, you meet, instead of striking it off and getting into one-night stands for the sake of experience, try using a different dating style. You can see people, have conversations with them, and create some romantic bonds without any need for one-night stands. Attempt an alternative approach instead of forcing yourself for dating adventures.

If you reach the extremes where you can't sleep without having sex with a random person or become stressed if you can't find any new person to hang out with, then it's high time for you to stop or take a very long break from your so-called casual dating lifestyle. This becomes an addiction if you don't stop. This feeling of needing someone new regularly may make you mentally sick and if you don't wake up, you end up seeing yourself behaving like a typical addict, who explores any kind of extremes for what he wants. Observe the feeling and rush out of it as soon as possible!

Then follows the feeling of toxicity of being validated by random people. One-night stands must be simple and stress-free. But if you are getting into one-night stands just to know whether you are desirable, physically, and sexually worthy enough, consistently looking out for people's opinion on hanging out with you, then it gradually turns out to be a toxic feeling. You go mad if people reject you and just because a few sets of people accept your one-night stand proposals, you end up expecting the same from every person you poke. Doesn't it already sound disgusting and toxic to the core? Stop looking for pleasure out of people's opinions on you!

Don't be a good samaritan, at least in the aspect of one-night stands. Just because a few one-night stand partners compliment you for being such a good host who let them open up and make them feel completely comfortable, it doesn't mean you need to pretend well all the time and pushing yourself to give a memorable experience even though you don't like the other person or you feel bad for the other person's screwed up life. If you keep doing this, one day you forget what you desire and start compromising yourself. For the sake of Christ, please don't do that!

Last but not least, if you are feeling feathery, happy, good, satisfied, and perfectly fine with whatever you committed on your one-night stand, then you are on the right track and if not, you must take a pause and check yourself and how your feelings are working on you! There's no wrong in taking breaks from whatever dating lifestyle you choose, even if it is utterly casual!

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