Feelings which turn you as "Queerphobic" in the queer community!

Other than heterosexuality, almost all the remaining sexual orientations come under the roof of the term "Queer" and combinedly named as the queer community and some call it as LGBTQIA+ community. So, when a particular set of people belong to the same community, why they have to be scared, embarrassed, disgusted, or portray hatred towards the other person who belongs to a different orientation?

If a straight person is homophobic, then somehow we can deal with that person by either educating him or ignoring her, or giving a befitting reply. But, what if you are a queer person and you have a phobia towards other orientations who belong to the same community? It's like hating your inner self and worse, it's like ruining your identity. Regrettably, most people in the queer community are kind of queerphobic with other queer people and in some cases, within themselves too.

To constitute a strong community, one must accept, support, and love each other. To make that happen, one must get rid of various demeaning, devaluing, and degrading feelings. It's easy when you realize and start working on yourself to start accepting others.