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Feelings which make you identify yourself as a Pansexual!

Personally many people don't believe that they are born with sexual orientation. A person born with sex and differentiates from other people through gender but not sexuality. Because orientations are fluid. They may change accordingly, for some age remains as the basic aspect and for some experiences. Identifying one's self as belonging to a particular sexual orientation comes with age or experience. After a person reaches the puberty stage, the sexual attractions play a major role in understanding one's sexuality. Or if a person purposefully or unintentionally experiences a sexual contact with another person, there are chances for identifying one's orientation. Unfortunately, childhood sexual abuses also play a role in identifying one's sexual orientation.

Similarly, Pansexuals don't bear with a pan in hand to tag themselves under Pansexuality as their orientation since birth. A person gets to know about his/her pansexuality in various ways. As this orientation is the most adaptable and fluid one among others, it involves a lot of struggle for a person to identify and recognize his pansexual status. A proper understanding of Pansexuality depends on physical and romantic attractions to other people but it all should start with emotional feelings. It could be libido or love, but feelings play a significant role in any person's life to understand oneself. You feel that you are unique and rare because you feel for everyone out there. It may end you up in the utmost confusion and equally make you feel different and difficult. This is the initial stage where you find yourself in everyone's romantic business. Unlike others, your childhood memories filled with both girls and boys equally. You could relate to the behaviors of both the genders, male and female. Most importantly, you feel both are the same, or both are nothing. You don't see any difference between the behavioral patterns, and you feel comfortable with either of the genders in every possible way. Generally, it starts with mere bisexuality in early puberty.

After some extent, when the whole world sees the Transgenders as the third gender people. You, however, don't comprehend the concept because, for you genders play the null role and you care less about them. But you feel unique because you feel attracted to them too. You start liking the personalities of Transgenders, drag queens, crossdressers, transsexuals, etc. All the phobias which belong to various sexual orientations have no place in your life. You can never be phobic to homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals, and other queers. Indeed, you love them, and you feel comfortable being with them and also falling in love with them. When the moment comes, where you feel that a person's gender and sexual orientation become unimportant, you can identify yourself as a budding pansexual who is about to rise. Some people come to the opinion after a lot of sexual adventures and emotional experiments but fortunately, some people can appreciate their pansexual personality soon in their adolescent stage.

Do you even know that once a heterosexual, can also end up being a pansexual? We all humans are assumed to be heterosexuals at birth. Come on, no mother can identify that she gave birth to a gay kid after seeing his tiny weenie right! It sounds comical, but it's a fact. We, humans, evolve with age and experiences especially in the aspect of orientations. You can be gay today dating another male and feel something is missing in your life and you may feel romantically, sexually, and emotionally attracted to an androgynous, genderqueer, or transgender or anyone regardless of gender and sexuality. You may feel that you are not just a homosexual and if that happens, explore your sexual boundaries and see whether you can experience beyond your current sexuality.

Not every person can achieve that because most of the people don't even give a thought about experiencing beyond sexual orientation. When you feel like exploring your orientations and want to search for the missing pieces of your orientation in various people regardless of their sexual identities. You are completely allowed to encounter the romanticism from other orientations too. Always remember one thing, your sexual adventures will never conclude your pansexuality. Because it's all about hearts, not parts. Therefore, if you want to get sexually engaged with every person regardless of genders and sexes, for the sake of intimate adventures and experiences, then please don't consider yourself as a pansexual. Because that's the ultimate portrayal of your pervert personality.

An orientation is never a phase, but strictly speaking, you may experience such a phase before you conclude your sexuality. This phase is for your wellness and makes you perceive what you are which helps you match your soul with your body. The phase before identifying your pansexual orientation makes you feel for the people whom you like emotionally, romantically, and physically, almost everyone you like, lust, or love. Most importantly, you will see yourself as the most acceptable and adaptable one. You don't judge orientations and you like pretty much every orientation out there. You may end up making love with the most unexpected person where people judge that particular person because of his/her orientation or gender or sex but you still feel good, happy, and satisfied being with that queer person in life. Well, that's naturally your pansexual personality!

Everything strange for other people makes you feel extremely normal and most of the time, you consider yourself as strange and crave normality like others. Just to fit in the crowd, never give up on your feelings which make you identify as a pansexual. Be different and be comfortable with what you are. Thoroughly enjoy your Pansexuality!

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