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Feelings to focus on, before cheating on your partner!

It is very common for a person to think about another person while having a deeper relationship with one's partner. Unfortunately, cheating sexually and romantically with others is one of the main reasons for many couples to get drifted away from each other. Even though some people try hard enough to be with their partners, they fail at giving that serious commitment to their partners because of various kinds of pleasures and problems.

Cheating is not only about sleeping with another person or having double standards in dating, if you even think about being with another person when you are right beside your partner, it also comes under the roof of cheating behavioral patterns. On the contrary, no person cheats on one's partner without any proper reason, until and unless that person is either a pervert or a moron who can't control his/her hormones. Every negative aspect in a relationship has some tie-ups with underlying, unobserved, and repetitive practices that ruin a couple's romantic bond. Hence, to get rid of them and to survive one's relationship without falling into the trap of cheating mode, a person must focus on a few feelings which direct him/her/them towards the exploitation of emotional intimacy with one's partner.

  • Try to notice the base reason for the feelings that make you deflect from your partner even though you are in a good position in your relationship.

  • See to that whether you are truly happy and satisfied with your partner in every context. And if not, try to analyze the places where you feel something is missing out in your relationship, be it emotional intimacy or physical intimacy.

  • Try comparing the intensity of the emotion of love you share with your partner in the relationship with the attractions you have for others. Scrutinize and ask yourself whether cheating on your partner is the right move in your relationship.

  • The feeling of constant stress in a relationship is unbearable and truly understandable. If your partner creates ripples in your romantic bond, then you may surely feel like being with someone else who understands you and your emotions properly without adding extra stress on you. In these weak moments, the chances are very high for a person to see someone else than one's partner. Before making this decision, confront your partner regarding the repetitive negative behavioral patterns in your relationship.

  • Needless to say that no one likes to be in a relationship with someone emotionally unavailable, psychologically stressed, mentally tiring, physically inactive, financially unstable, and personally demotivating. And it is unsurprising for any partner to cheat on a person who is not meant for a true relationship. But, before going ahead by getting yourself involved with others, try to understand whether these things are temporary or permanent.

  • For instance, if your partner is well settled when you came into the relationship with him and due to various reasons, if your partner loses his zeal towards work and becomes financially unstable for a while, then you can't leave him and go with someone else because that's temporary. A person once who achieved so much in life can always be a hardworking soul, no matter how many hurdles he faces in one's career path. If you cheat on your partner when he faces low situations in life, then you get tagged as materialistically opportunistic. Don't you think love has the power to heal a person? If you try hard, your partner surely comes back to his normality.

  • Now you may wonder, what if you try hard enough but still your partner remains the same? Well, in that case, you need to be practically clear enough and express how you feel and tried enough to get your partner out of one's lows. If you still experience the same disappointment and dissatisfaction, talk it out and let your partner know that you are going to part ways and look out for someone who deserves your love.

  • Communication is a key factor in a romantic relationship. You need to keep expressing your feelings to your partner to let him/her/them understand how you feel being in a relationship, how you feel for yourself, and how you feel for others even though you parallelly flourish a beautiful relationship with your partner. If something bothers you and you know that it may affect your love towards your partner, then without any hesitation you need to speak out to make things clear in your mind.

  • Speaking of mind, it's not your body that lets you cheat on your partner. It's your mind aversion that makes you take such extreme decisions for a few minutes of happiness in sex, for a few hours of stillness in life and a few days of relaxation from stress around you. So for temporary feelings, don't lose lasting bonds in your life.

Disturbances may arise in a relationship in the form of various feelings and diversions in emotions. Being a truly passionate partner, you need to be authentic and genuine enough to your loved ones even though you are about to commit or already committed something that is not allowed in a serious relationship. Recognize your feelings, scrutinize them properly by understanding the priorities around and comprehending the value of your relationship.

And after everything, if you still feel like cheating on your partner, then be the person who knows how to handle and take complete responsibility for whatever consequences lay ahead of you!

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