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Feelings to consider while walking out of your relationship!

Walking out of your relationship is a process with too many steps like deciding, acting and finally getting away from your partner but it takes hardly a few minutes to split up forever. Too many feelings run in a person's mind during the whole process. Some try to escape from them; some suppress them and some completely ignore them because most couples focus on the end of the relationship and never rekindle the beginnings of the relationship. Instead of putting effort to save and surviving, they rather divert their paths toward breaking up. It's a personal choice of being in or out of a romantic relationship but before reaching that one end moment, every person must consider a few feelings while walking out of one's relationship.

Needless to say, if a relationship goes out of hand and if you truly perceive and believe that you can't work your romantic partnership anymore because of the toxicity and animosity, then you must walk, way faster out of such relationships but if you still know that you can take your relationship further and want to work it out with your partner, then you must use all the time to cherish feelings that can stop you and get back to your partner.

The feeling of forgiveness is always considered the utmost reconsideration of a bond. Of course, one can never forget some situations in one's relationship, but there's always a way to move ahead without getting stuck up with mistakes. If you feel your partner deserves a fair chance to prove one's worth in being with you regardless of all the silly mistakes that are committed in your relationship, then you must think about forgiving your partner. You surely feel the change but it's all for good and who knows you may have a great bond further.

The feeling of being influenced must be focused on regardless of how badly the sources around you demand you to be out of your relationship. Comprehend the difference between good influence and bad influence. People generally strike off the good but always get along with the bad. If you know your partner is genuine and if you are sure of leading a beautiful relationship ahead, then why do you have to act upon the opinions of others? Many couples split from each other because of family, friends, neighbourhood, societal norms, social statuses and many pulling back factors. If you walk out of your relationship by listening to such bad influences, you surely regret your decision in the future. So check yourself whether you are getting influenced or not before breaking up with your partner.

The feeling of self-destruction out of too many assumptions must be crushed because it abandons you with utmost pain. You can't decide for others how they must perceive you and consider you. Your self-doubting personality consistently makes you feel that you aren't worthy of love or being in a romantic relationship but do you think walking out of a relationship makes you feel relieved? No, instead, you face the distaste of your own decision. While walking out of your relationship, take a pause and give yourself a chance to let your partner love you the way you are without getting succumbed to your unnecessary assumptions.

The feeling of being misunderstood should never be ignored. If you feel like walking out of your relationship because of a few misunderstanding scenarios with your partner, then at least try considering the aspect of proving yourself by confronting your partner. Try giving your side of the explanation and ask your partner, to analyze the situation properly. Instead of walking away silently, you better prove yourself and leave your options open to your partner, whether to continue or end the relationship. If you feel being misunderstood, then clear the clouds instead of escaping away.

The feeling of compassion and empathy shows your determination to your partner. Every relationship faces fluctuations, highs and lows. Instead of being with your partner during highs and leaving during lows, you must be prepared to travel along to flourish in a successful relationship. While walking out of your relationship during your partner's lows, always ruminate on the best memories you ever had during your partner's highs. Don't be selfish enough to walk away from your relationship especially when your presence is most needed.

The feeling of rebelliousness must be appreciated at the right moment especially when you are forced to walk out of your relationship due to circumstances, consequences and conditions of your relationship. One must fight for one's relationship against all the odds to secure one's loving partner and to lead a life with the one you love the most. Your fighting spirit must not be suppressed by anyone including your partner. You shouldn't walk away from your relationship forcibly even after knowing that your partner still desires to be with you no matter what. All you have to do is to remember who you are, what you need and how capable you are to save your relationship from the wrath.

These feelings make you rethink, reconsider and reappraise the best sides of your relationship and can easily make you get rid of all the negativity and eliminate all the unnecessary diversions and distractions. Walking away gives you the time to think, you must optimistically utilise it and that's how you can walk back to your partner by surviving your relationship.

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