Feelings that make you realize that you are dating the wrong person!

It's complicated to find the right one but it is effortless to realize whether we are with the right one or not. And that's not the same scenario with our wrong dating partners. It's easy to get into the wrong ones but realizing that aspect of ending up with the undesirable one is a challenging task. Under the name of love, if you don't go senseless in getting along with your gut feelings, you may go gravely wrong in your romantic life. Hence, you should never neglect your feelings especially when they make you quite uneasy.

  • If you feel uncomfortable whenever your partner is around by becoming strictly extra cautious and conscious about the words you speak and actions you commit, then you must understand that you are kind of scared around him/her. Love should blow away all your fears; it shouldn't make you feel afraid. Realize it.

  • If you feel neglected in every possible way but only considered as important materialistically in terms of money and body, then you should understand that your dating partner is using you for his/her worldly pleasures and nothing else. Realize it.

  • If you feel shocked rather than surprised every time, your partner reveals a story after you find something fishy in and around him/her, then you must comprehend the whole situation by connecting dots of all the manipulative moves of your dating partner. Love must be filled with full of pleasant surprises, not nasty shocks. Realize it.

  • If you feel cheated once and end up giving a second chance to your partner to find that he/she has cheated on you again and again, then you must conclude that person is a typical cheater who never changes, instead of struggling yourself to bring change in your dating partner because you are into the wrong one. Realize it.

  • If you feel suffocated for your partner's personal and professional choices even after trying to understand his/her work commitments and personal space, then maybe you are dating someone whose one of the priorities isn't you. Love must make you breathe, not strangle. Realize it.

  • If you feel attacked always whenever there's an issue in your relationship where your dating partner always throws the blame on you and try to shift the whole situation to his/her favorable side, then you must understand that you are dating the one who never accepts mistakes. Realize it.