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Feelings that break you emotionally in your dating life!

In addition to the tender feeling from the emotion of love or lust or attraction or infatuation or anything related to romantic interest, a few byproducts come along with that feeling. These are the feelings that are quite inescapable and may act as barriers in the process of the evolution of love between two people. Some of them are beneficial for the development of personality and individuality in one's dating life but unfortunately, most of them break a person emotionally which indeed affects a person psychologically. Hence, one must know how to tackle such feelings by not compromising the opinion on the concept of love.

The feeling of betrayal: When you seek someone deserving in the hope of getting into a meaningful relationship, you may start believing people who butter up situations that make you feel them closer for attaining materialistic pleasures. If you aren't on the same page with the thoughts of your dating partner, it becomes terribly difficult for you to digest the fact of denial after getting used and objectified under various circumstances. You may feel cheated by someone whom you believe. So, you need to be aware of such people and try to get rid of them soon after you feel that you are being deceived at some point. Don't wait for anything. Just leave that person.

The feeling of regret: In one's dating life scenario, it is exceedingly common for a person to rush things up to experience the emotion of love especially after taking a gap from dating or exploring a new tribe of people or right after a breakup to rebound. After investing emotions in the improper person, your feeling of regret dominates the feeling of love and you keep sobbing internally about the decision you made before committing. This also disturbs you emotionally and may make you a person with trust issues later in your dating life. So, be wise enough in choosing people whom you date.

The feeling of being mistaken: This is a very common byproduct feeling. Most often if a person maintains one's dating life as something casual, love is kind of a big word as people start from a basic level and hang out for a while before getting into something serious. But not everyone maintains the same spectrum of dating mindset. So you may feel like being mistaken when the other person treats you as his/her serious partner or when the other person cooks up stories without your knowledge or when the other person completely misunderstands your passionate friendship as love. And in the worst cases, without knowing your tastes, likes, dislikes, and preferences, you may get mistaken by your dating partners. So, a person needs to scrutinize on every ground to perceive one's dating partner and underlying intentions carefully.

The feeling of guilt: Needless to say, after misreading someone on whom you portray your romantic interest, you fall into the trap of guilt because by the time you realize you already end up ruining a beautiful bond with unnecessary assumptions. Roaming in the guilt trip demotivates a person and also degrades self-impression but on the brighter side, a person gets the reality or closure which can be used further to act properly with people whom you are interested in. Sometimes being vulnerable enough with the wrong person also may make a person feel guilty about one's dating etiquette and ethics. So, be careful before considering a person and try to read between the lines.

The feeling of misunderstanding: Too much is hazardous including the feeling of love. Under the name of love, if you read about someone too much, there are chances that you may end up misunderstanding another person's intentions and ideologies. It works as a slow poison and it grows gradually and turns out to be something else that ruins a romantic bond between two people. Before misunderstanding your dating partner, try to understand the other person as a fellow human from all sides and then analyze accordingly if not you break emotionally by thinking too much.

The feeling of disappointment: This feeling is also common in the dating lifestyle because when we have some kind of fascinating interest in a person, we unintentionally start expecting from that person. And if your expectations don't meet your standards, you feel disappointed. Instead of expecting too much from a person in the initial stages of dating, let things get serious and then start expecting so that there will be some meaning attached to your expectations, if not you get messed up psychologically by feeling disappointed with your dating partners if they don't reach your level of expectations.

The feeling of displeasure: Generally this feeling pops up in bed, strictly speaking, while having sex with your dating partners. Be clear about your sex drive, sexual preferences, sexual roles, and sensualities involved in sex. Of course, you can have sex without carrying the feeling of love, but there must be some connection between two people to get engaged physically. People commit mistakes at this part. Some try to look out for love after sleeping with their partners, and it doesn't work the same with every partner you date. Hence, you may end up annoying your partners or may disapprove of a few things in bed which lead you towards the feeling of displeasure. Sadly this feeling shadows you even after coming out of bed and may affect your sensual libido and romantic attractions too. Hence, talk it out before getting into any kind of attachments and commitments.

If you firmly believe your gut feeling to get into someone whom you are interested in every possible way, then you can easily overcome all these negative feelings but if you can't overcome these feelings, just remember one thing, don't compromise your permanent happiness for temporary people and never restrict your feeling of love. You can be flexible and feasible enough in your dating life when it comes to feelings and people. All you need to do is to be aware of these feelings and act wisely instead of carrying the baggage and ruining your romantic zeal.

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