Feelings in various stages of a breakup...

Every phase of life includes a few stages which a person explore and excel out of them which bring changes to his personality and his perspectives. Life and Love depends on our karmic actions and the responses. These two huge concepts come with various stages where a person slowly transform his/her personality by going through a lot of physical, emotional and mental pressures.

The breakup phase is one of the phases of a person's love life, especially in a romantic relationship, this phase plays prominent role in changing a person both negatively and positively. This breakup phase too consists of various stages, which a person can feel through his emotions. Adverse effects like addiction, sadness, tragic moments, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, loneliness, misunderstandings are some of them which a person can feel during these stages. And on a positive note, a person can also uplift his lifestyle, physical features, financial status, career, dealing capabilities of relationship, exploring, finding one's worth, understanding in and out of the world in every aspect are some of the good-out-of-bad effects which a person can feel in these stages. Some get attacked by these adverse effects and some get attracted to these positive effects. And some transform by coping up from adverse effects to feel the positive vibes later. It varies from person to person, because it totally depends on how a person perceive and act in these stages.

Well, in this millennial era, breakups are considered as a common dating issue and people are so habituated in going away and moving on in life so easily like buying a chocolate and throwing its wrapper. Good, we millennials are no more those people like Devdas and Parvati to stuck onto something we can never achieve. Sarcastically, it is a development in Love scenario, because hardly people care about the emotions, because we are busy diverting ourselves by our feelings. People now, no matter whether they take breakups seriously or not, they still struggle with their feelings. Regardless, the span of a relationship, every millennial is prone to these feelings in these various stages of a breakup.

The day after the breakup seems to be new and fine, but deep inside we know that we have to pretend that we are okay to the society to sound normal and chill to portray our cool personality. But some people enjoy at bars by throwing breakup bashes for their buddies (these people are actually celebrate their efforts in getting rid of a toxic person- no judgments). After few days, these two kinds of people, start realizing the absence of their partners in their life. They try to forget their exes but keep on remembering them by taking their names at their pals that they are no more connected to them. How foolishly we millennials act sometimes right! After knowing that nothing can be redone after breaking up, we start shedding our tears for someone we loved so badly during the relationship. No matter what kind of person our partner is, we could never escape from the feeling of missing them at this very stage.

After crying a lot, we start thinking why are we even doing that after our decision of breaking up our paths with our exes has already made. This is the stage our feelings drag us to the reality and make us think our worthiness. We start realizing that we are literally wasting our time and make plans to move on in life. Some take a huge breaks from their lifestyle scenario, some become over philosophical and comes to a conclusion that love sucks until they meet another perfect one. Some go travelling and explore new places and people. Some focus on the work they do and keep themselves busy to get the ex partner out of his or her mind. Some get back to their family and friends and spend some time with them. Some get addicted to new drugs and ruin their remaining lifetime. Some gets easily influenced by their criminal minded pals and make plans to avenge their exes in a ridiculous way to degrade their images even more than before. Some focus on fitness and some on spirituality. Some dedicate themselves to unlimited hookups and some wait patiently to meet the right one. These are some of the actions people get into when they are handling their feelings at this stage of breakup- the stage of planning to move on from the past relationship.

As mentioned earlier, some move on in a positive way and some negatively, but some realize their mistakes and learn lessons of life and transform totally into a new person. At this last stage of a breakup phase, people experience at least a bit of change in their way of thinking, way of dealing love and way of viewing life. And if suddenly they bump into their exes, they try to handle their emotions and suppress their feelings by using their self controlling techniques. This time, they behave in a matured way and accept the change in themselves and their ex partners too. They try to get back to each other with a new kind of relationship, may be friendship or something which doesn't need to be labelled. This set of people excel better in life, because they know to tackle the change. But there is another set of people where they completely ignore and erase their partners and behave as if they never met them before if they run into their exes. Even this is acceptable because it says how badly a person got hurt during the last days of their relationship and some do this shit for society and family though.

The toxic set of people, still dramatize the issues for whole life. They can change but they decide not to accept the change. Hence, they behave rudely and degrade the people they once loved if they suddenly appear somewhere. Some annoyingly creep their exes out by stalking and some go behind the bars by harassing their exes. Yes, our society has many set of people who deal breakups and its various stages in various ways by their feelings. It all depends on self control and maturity to deal this breakup phase of life because at the end of the day, it is we who has to act, not our feelings. Feelings can be controlled for sure!

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