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Feelings are like Rains...

They are so unexpected. They are predictably unpredictable. They are wonderful and indescribable. Feelings and Rains are sort of same. We never know when they actually arrive and stop. Monsoons are the most unpredictable seasons and sometimes, it rains in summers and winters too. Like rains, feelings are also unpredictable, but what if they are unsteady, unmanageable and fluctuating enough? Well, sometimes rains also leads to floods and storms.

Feelings. How can someone describe them? These can be felt under the skin. Hence, they are feelings right like butterflies in stomach, anxiousness, curiosity, insomnia and something inexplicable. We all go through all of them when we are in Love, which is pure and unbroken. Sometimes we over do escalating those feelings more than they deserve to be. Hence, they act differently, which may sometimes make a person end up in a broken state.

It totally depends on us how we treat those unpredictable rains. Some like them and some may hate them. A few love dancing in rain and a few hate getting drenched in rains. Some harvests the rain water and some let the water flow in the streets. Some enjoy the rains with a cup of tea and hot snacks. Some enjoy them by sleeping under the blankets to hibernate. It's all about how a person perceives the rains and it totally depends on a person, whether to enjoy the rains or to feel nothing. The spontaneous reactions for the unpredictable rains surely describe the personality. There's no good and bad about it. It's just the way how someone receives those rains.

Unpredictable feelings must also be handled in an instant and unplanned way. The consequences are unknown. They may be unsteady or they can be super stable. The personality plays vital role in handling the feelings. But there's a twist too. Sometimes an unstable person can take a good decision to settle with one person by following the feelings till the dead end. Sometimes a sober person can make fluctuating decisions and end up not exploring the path totally. Hence, feelings are indescribable and a never ending concept.

Age, color, caste, creed, religion, location, all of these has nothing to do with these feelings. We never know whom we hate and whom we love. Sometimes a relationship which starts with a big fight end up making babies together. Sometimes, a very well managed cozy relationship can be broken and make people act as strangers to each other. Feelings are unpredictable, we don't know what happens next in the concept of feelings.

Feelings can be fluctuating, stable and sometimes can be shared with two or many. Generally, feelings are something, we human beings consider them as lovely and romantic emotions on one another. And to the contrary, these are the feelings which can also be converted to grudges, revenges and hatred. Both are potent feelings. Both are operative in processing emotions. But the way how we portray will be different. Is it possible to turn hatred into love? Because, it's damn easy to turn love into hatred.

To deal with these feelings, one must be aware of the future consequences, but again, the future is uncertain like the feelings. Hence, one must take enough measures to handle those feelings in a proper way. Most of them always misunderstand the aspect of feelings. For example, in a romantic mode, the feelings can be out of lust or love. One shouldn't mix and match both lust and love and treat both of them in a same way. If that happens, the life leads to the stormy paths and the consequences will be over flooded with many disturbances emotionally.

Having a little clarity about what you want to do in those unpredictable rains is exactly the same having a clear mindset about how to handle your unsteady feelings. You can either handle the lovely feelings to see the bright side without messing it up like saving the rain water for various purposes or you can use those same feelings in various materialistic ways which leads to messy paths like a flooded street.

The choice is completely yours. The spontaneous mindset of yours is an answer for each and every feeling. There is no good and bad in handling the feelings. There is always limited and unlimited aspects in handling them. If you are limiting your feelings to yourself or by expressing them in a materialistic way to enjoy the bodily pleasures, the world you see will be limited. But if you try to see beyond your imagination and try to express your feelings to the person you love without limiting them to yourself, who knows you may see the unlimited life with the person you dream to share your life with.

Treat your feelings as rains and take decisions according to your will and wish because at the end of the day, only you know what you love and hate about rains. Simple, apply the same with your feelings. But never suppress them, either it's love or hate, express them. Because, expressions are the only way to portray the feelings. Like monsoon clouds, always shower your feelings like rains. And most importantly, too much rain leads to floods.

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