Feeling negative about one's gender !

Have you ever felt that your gender isn't enough to fulfill your's or your partner's needs? Do you suddenly feel negative about your sex or gender? Fittingly, these questions aren't for Transgenders who struggle to match their souls to their bodies. These are for all the homosexuals out there who feel a little low about their genders and sexes which sometimes feel unmatched to the sexual orientation.

These kinds of thoughts and feelings arise in a person when the aspects of sexual satisfaction, physical appearances, and lifestyle choices come into the picture. People belong to any sexual orientation can be classified based on the genders, tribes, sexual roles, preferences, and attractions. Take an example of the gay community. Gays are segregated as Tops, bottoms, and versatile under the constraint of sexual roles. They are also further divided as twinks, jocks, daddies, bears, bulls, scruffs, and many more under tribes. Considering the aspect of femininity in a male, people have divided gays into macho and effeminate. There are too many classifications to handle.