Fashion Statements to set this year for Pride Rides...!

The Whole world is celebrating this year, June as a Milestone Pride Month because Stonewall riots marked its 50th anniversary. And on top of it, this is the first time in the world's history to celebrate and host World Pride in New York City. This year is grandeur in terms of celebrating the sexual orientations, all over the world. Prides are celebrations. They boost up the energies in people who are suppressed because of circumstances against gender minorities like LGBT community. Well to spread the positivism to the world, one must be colorful and vibrant enough. Hence, people who participate in Prides would get ready in a way that they are on top of the world. We can see people from LGBTQA+ community, dress up in various kinds of outfits and attires. Some are loud, some are cute, some are revealing, some are mysterious, some are sophisticated, some are classy, some are shimmery and glittery enough. Because Prides are all about celebrating different people, different cultures, different sexual orientations and different personalities. So, the vibes of Prides are unlimited.

This Pride Month, people already have a lot of plans in dressing, hair and makeup, to look glamorous and gorgeous like divas, especially those talented Drag Queens, who nail every step they walk in the Prides. Well, not everyone can dress up like drag queens. Because, only few people are into cross dressing. Here, are the few statement pieces that are suggested for every person who want to look glamorous enough while walking in Prides. Fashion is not all about looking glamorous, it also includes looking simple and sassy. Keeping sass in our mind, we brought you a few suggestions about apparels, accessories and footwear together, which help you get out of the dilemma of Pride Fashion.

Crop Tops: Crop tops are the current fashion statements for both girls and guys. For the Pride fashion, it would be great, if guys opt crop tops to wear. Because they are funky and gender fluid too. They are simple, happy and gay too. A statement crop top can be paired with Shorts and Sneakers to give a cool vibe to the crowd. A crop top with a Capri paired with peep toe heels is just lit combination.

Chokers: Chokers are also unfading current accessory trend. Choker neck pieces are feasible. One can carry and match them with any outfit regardless gender. Any person would look hot if they opt chokers as their neck pieces. Try lacy, black and pearly choker neck pieces to look fabulous in Pride.

Quoted Sweatshirts: These would look amazing on those butch lesbians. They look sassy and badass in some funky quotes. Many online stores, nowadays are providing these quoted tees which are just alluring. To all the boys and tomboys, quoted tees with torn denims or colored chinos paired with loafers or sneakers would be perfect look. Check out the websites like Bewakoof, the souled store, etc.

Dungarees: Why to look hot always when you can look cute too? Dungarees and Overalls are the perfect outfits to look cool and hot at the same time. But see to that wear a full sleeved or half sleeved tee. Tees must be in light colors and pastels are perfect shades. If you are a bisexual and in a dilemma of selecting an outfit where, you can attract both guys and girls, here is the answer. Dress up in Denim dungarees with a pastel shaded tee paired with Sneakers or high top boots and yeah, don't forget to carry your sunshades to look even cooler in a hot way.

White Tee: No matter what happens to the world, carrying a plain white tee never goes out of style. There are many people out there who just love to dress up very basic yet sophisticated. To them, white tees are the best options. Spend some bucks on those plain white tees from Levis, UCB, Superdry, Supreme, Gucci, Versace and many international brands. You can shop all the International branded apparels at one stop called ELITIFY. Pair them with denims or shorts and street wear sport shoes to look cool enough. Well, the brands actually make you feel sophisticated, though you dress up light.

Footwear: Please try to avoid high heels, because you are going to walk in Pride marches not on ramps. If you dress up like a drag queen, you can still sport your outfit with crystal espadrilles or high leather boots instead of sex inch high point heels. Because roads aren't so flat everywhere right. Sneakers and Loafers are the best to walk comfortably in Prides. Well, if you wanna add little sass to them, Stockings are always in the stock right. Those shorts with vibrant colored high socks are just fab together.

Accessories: Other than chokers, one can wear, accessories which reveal their personality. There are no particular suggestions for accessories. You can opt crystals, stones and pearls for neck pieces. Antique jewelry never goes out of style too. If you are a loud person, you can easily carry large finger rings and if you are a sober person, opt rings which are tiny and classy. Simply, Antiques for loud personalities and Rose Gold for sober personalities.