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Falling in love with fuck buddies is like?

The common sweet mistake every one of us commits during our dating life span. Yes, it is a mistake to fall in love with the person whom we approach or get approached only under materialistic and bodily pleasures satisfactory criteria. But that happens all the time with most of the people and it is okay to fall in love, which indeed specifies, this mistake is inescapable and everyone must commit and face its consequences to become stronger mentally and emotionally.

Fuck buddies are an informal term. Friends with benefits is a classy yet deviating term in dating terminology. People love to be friends with benefits than committed lovers. The flexibility in friends with benefits relations is way more beyond than expectations. Hence, people prefer to be fuck buddies than someone exclusive. But, the world of sex is very bad and emotionally degrading. Though the sex relieves the stress of a person, unknowingly it increases the mental and emotional stress on both the people who share a bed under the name of "Friends with benefits". Sex and Making love are different from each other. But, if a person has sex continuously with one person every single time at different places and tries different ways of getting into each other physically, the further sessions of sex gradually transforms from just intercourse to lovemaking sessions. Fucking fucks up people's mind. The control over feelings slowly get diluted and rule the emotional mindset of a person.

Fuck buddies are the two fucked-up souls meet each other on any social networking platforms or dating apps or parks or pubs or any social place, where they share each other fucked up life turns and get connected to each other's fucking desires and finally engages physically to fulfill their sexual pleasures with an underlying condition called "no commitments". They are not like people from One night stands or who comes with a tag "No strings attached". The beauty of fuck buddies is they are available everywhere in every context, but they just don't like getting committed to one person and one monotonous lifestyle though they want to get committed so badly. It's just societal pressures, family situations, career graphs, past experiences, future consequences make them hold back to commit to someone they love to fuck every day in every place.

In our life span, we surely fall in love with that one person who says fuck buddy, but acts like a complete boyfriend or girlfriend material. Some of us fall in love with fuck buddies and in return they also accept us. But in many cases, those relationships end up so badly in a messy way with a lot of emotional baggage. Falling in love with fuck buddies always gets complicated and the relationships become tough and complicated within no time. The sexual relationships and emotional relationships are very different from each other. We don't have to provide breakfast and act romantic with fuck buddies, because, after sex, we just get dressed and sneak out of the room to have something to eat. But this scenario is different between a couple, both bed and breakfast are included in sharing a romantic relationship, they cook for each other and they care for each other. The slightest emotional touch is all about the difference. So, if we go out with our fuck buddies for breakfast every single time we have sex with them, one day, we feel like providing them the breakfast in bed and care for them. Fuck, that's when we start romantically feeling for them and we also stop seeing them sexually and all of a sudden, we get conscious about our whole looks rather than just focusing on stuff down there.

The process hardly takes minutes to fall in love with our fuck buddies. Especially when we are looking for a stable partner or when our so-called stable partner acts like a moron or when the efforts of our fuck buddies are more than expected. These weak moments make us fall for our fuck buddies. There is no rule that every person who approaches us with "Friends with benefits" stays the same until the end. He/she may either become a stranger or someone special. We don't have to give a damn about strangers, but we have to take care of every single aspect about that someone special.

The comfort levels fluctuate between two persons when they fall for each other being fuck buddies. The concept of love dilutes the rapport between two fuck buddies who steps into a relationship exclusively. Of course, the love, care, and affection get escalated between them, but everything becomes new and it takes a good amount of time to accept your fuck buddy as your partner. Trust issues may arise. The level of control over each other elevates. One can smell the restricted atmosphere sexually because after getting into an exclusive relationship, a fuck buddy can be no more a fuck buddy. Nothing will be the same like before and everything becomes new including the behavior, attitude, love and indeed lust too. As mentioned earlier, Love is complicated between two fuck buddies until and unless those two fuck buddies are clear about themselves to be with each other and sacrifice their involvements with others other than themselves.

Love is always perfect with too many imperfections. The path of love between fuck buddies gets directed in many unpredictable ways and pretty opposite always. Because they start with sex, get to know each other and become friends and end with Love. Sexual pleasures can be misleading most of the times. If you don't like to fall in love with your fuck buddies, stop sleeping with them more than three times. If you like to fall in love with them, then be prepared to handle emotional complications, because if you cross them, you see a beautiful life ahead.

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