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Factors in your romantic life that leave you as a "foster partner"!

Unfortunately, some of us end up as foster boyfriends or foster girlfriends to people who step into our life and lifestyle scenarios under the name of lust, love, romance, attraction and acquaintance. Do you know how? Do you at least want to know how? If you are going ahead in readi

Strictly speaking, there's nothing wrong with you but in your ways of dealing with your romantic life and dating lifestyle, especially in deciding people to date or consider to be your dating partners. Till the moment you realise, respect and reciprocate the disciplinary actions you must take to set your dating life on track, your romantic partners be it physically or emotionally connected, keep leaving you for someone else with all the experience they derive out of you. Feelings are noble when they are in control and give us the factor of practicality so that no one can take advantage of them here are some of the feelings you must know how to employ on people whom you feel like dating.

  • Stop being super vulnerable and spill all your life stories in a single take with a huge monologue. No one gives a damn about your 'issues' especially when you sound like an issue. Extreme and unnecessary vulnerability paves paths for people to exploit you.

  • Don't compromise your dating ethics and how you like to date a person. Bodily appearance and mental abilities should never divert you from the restrictions you lay in your romantic life. Always remember one thing; no one knows 'You' better than 'You'.

  • Never believe the first impressions, especially in this modern dating era where people are shrewder enough to manipulate the opinions in your mind in split seconds. Until and unless you know that person through your close contacts, don't get along with the first impressions because they aren't the best.

  • Be clear about what you desire, and what the other person wants. Provide clarity about the give-and-take policy, especially since your dating lifestyle is pretty casual than serious. If you hook up with people and expect them to entertain you like their girlfriend or boyfriend, then you end up hurting yourself. If you like to have sex, then have sex and head it off.

  • If you know that you fall for the person soon after having sex or hooking up, then you must seize that idea of having sexual attachments without finding emotional intimacy and mental connection, out of your mind completely. Masturbate and sleep off instead.

  • When you are not made for something and when you know that factor inside out clearly, please don't go against yourself and submit yourself to your dating partners because of attraction and infatuation.

  • Sex shouldn't decide your dating life but if you think you can establish a relationship on the bricks of intense physical intimacy, then your castle collapse by leaving you abandoned by your partner within no time.

Situationships aren't everyone's cup of tea, especially if you were born before GenZ. They attack your mind and mindset because they are delicate to handle as every feeling includes a particular limitation to express and a boundary to encounter. If you are someone whose emotions are limitless and go unending to make people feel comfortable, happy and lovely around you, then you surely end up as a foster partner because people take advantage of that trait by getting constantly pampered by you.

  • Foster partners spend time and money with utmost dedication to make their lovers feel loved all the time. Adeptly, who doesn't like the attention though regardless of the plans of deserting you?

  • Foster partners do almost anything under the sky for their romantic attractions because they are hopelessly tender and go head over heels without even having a reason.

  • Foster partners naively believe their dating mates and don't realise until they witness the true colours by themselves painted in pain under the masquerades of pleasure.

  • Foster partners are easy to get manipulated by simple gestures like dates and gifts by their partners who cover up their lies and cheating tricks. Be practical and compare the worth of each date and each gift you receive, sorry to offend you, but you will always be the one who gives more and receives less.

Are you feeling relatable? Well, then you are one good foster partner who delivers romantic experiences to people to make them prepared and ready to catch up with the world in terms of planning commitments with others who fulfil every single aspect they calculatingly count on you. Hither enter reality. Do you fathom why they forsake you even though they endure you as their ideal partner?

  • They know that they can be in contact with you even after breaking up or leaving you.

  • They know they can still have sex and take pleasure from your physical abilities and emotional pain.

  • They know that it is facile to fool you by sweetly pronouncing romantic phrases like poets.

  • They know that they can come back to you at any time they want.

  • They treat you as just an opportunity or an experiment or an adventure or a mode of experience or a mere human whom they can play along with emotions that matter so much to you.

Don't be a foster partner to such demeaning people who don't comprehend the value of your emotions or can never get along with the chastity in your feelings. Fostering a pet or a baby leaves you ultimate happiness but fostering a fellow human romantically again and again regardless of the lessons you learn throughout your dating life, always leaves you pain. Stop being a foster partner and try allowing yourself to that someone who wheels you as their loyal romantic partner.

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