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"F" Capital of Capital City...

F includes Fashion, Finance, Fun and Fantasy. Including these, one should know to use the FUCK word here at Connaught Place. Yes, this place is the fashion and finance capital of Delhi, the capital city of India. Connaught Place was one of the sweetest addictions of mine in Delhi. Out of 14 days, I made my presence at this place for 10 days and the remaining 4 days were before my first visit to Connaught Place. That means, since my first sight, I have visited that place every single day without giving it a miss. Because, this huge locality has enticed and mesmerized me like no other place till date. I completely lived the way I loved, over here, though I countenanced a lot of judgmental criticism here. But, I didn't give a flying fuck to the people who used to gaze at me. I just carried my personality with various attire every single day, handling a laptop in one hand and a bag in the other with a smoke. I used to feel like I was on top of the world with respect to my freedom.

Another best thing was this place got tagged with one of the busiest metro stations in Delhi, Rajiv Chowk with 8 gates around. Getting out of this metro station was like solving a puzzle. The Rajiv Chowk metro station was the busiest and most crowded one among all the other metro stations in Delhi. It was an eye feast to see the busy yet happening scenario in this metro station. It acts as a junction point of Yellow line and Blue line which were, again the most happening routes. One could find people travelling on these routes at any particular point of time from early morning to late night. Being, from a Non-metropolitan city, I was sort of excited when I got to know that there were four Cafe Coffee Days inside the station. Coffee places excite me much, though. Trust me, on my first day of the visit to the Rajiv Chowk metro station, I spent around 7 hours roaming all around the station and had coffees and burgers in the cafe points which were present inside.

Scene at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

Connaught Place atmosphere is always full of vibrancy, merriness, thrill, excitement and people with high spirits. It is the only one place in whole Delhi, which attracts every single type of person. Bloggers, Bookworms, Shopaholics, Alcoholics, Photographers, Models, Street performers, Workaholics, Foodies and most importantly, people who are Bold enough to cast themselves as the way they are! It is hard to find the location like this particular place. Keeping apart the ancient history behind Connaught Place, it is definitely the finance capital of Delhi. The Connaught place is totally prone to commercial spaces in and around the blocks of it. Named after the British ruler "Prince Arthur", the Connaught place has 13 blocks which are named after basic alphabets like A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, N and Palika Bazaar (another shopping destination). My favorite was N block, because I mostly hanged around at Chai Point and Star bucks which were installed over there.

Outdoor Book Vendors in the Corridor Space

It was my love at first sight, when I found outdoor book stalls, where the book vendors were selling all the International Best Sellers. The love was escalated to another level, when I found all the books of my favorite Sufi Mystic Poet, Rumi. He is the love of my life. It was hard to find his original books for me till then. When I got to know that all his translations were available at this place, my heart pumped like crazy and I have gone mad. I have almost bought all his books. The other reason for me to get connected with the place was the rain. On my first day of my visit to Connaught Place, it has rained and though the Delhi people got irritated for a while, I have amused and adored it to the core. The beauty of whole roads was unleashed when there was no person on the roads except the rain amalgamated with fallen dry autumn leaves. That was scenic. Witnessing roads of CP without people was way more different than exploring them with people moving around here and there without a pause.

One special moment is more than enough to fall in love, say it with a Person or with a Place.

This place has given a lot of Western Cultured vibes. One could find almost every fashion brand here. I have totally checked out whole place many times and I almost found all the Indian and International fashion brands except Luxurious ones though. This Place has connected every human being, from rich to rags. The earning scenario was also quite improvised. People had their own tactics to earn money. Some were appreciated. But some tactics were total fake and people have to be aware of. One could find a lot of Working class people hang out at cafes, restaurants and bars.

The most adorable part was you could find many couples hanging around, heterosexual and homosexual too. One could find whole dating scenario in Delhi at this place, especially on weekends. The crowd at the weekends double the crowd in the weekdays. This whole commercial space corridor filled with various kinds of people selling various types of products. One would find books, music gadgets, electronic gadgets, cosmetics, makeup products, toys, wallets, belts, accessories, interior decoration items, wall hangings, wall posters, cigarettes, mini pan shops, furnishing items, fashionable clothing details, artificial jewelry, and many more, indeed everything a person needs to lead a stylish yet affordable life. But, one should be aware of the quality of products. Most of them were duplicates or first copies, including books. So check them before you purchase them. Because, you would feel tired if you ever want to return them. That's how Connaught place got the tag of finance capital.

Every day a lot of business transactions happen at this place. The flow of money is everlasting because where ever you take a turn, you find a business, say it small, medium or big, Indian and International, in and around the whole Connaught place. The days and nights here fill with words like Sale, Happy Hours, Exhibitions, Take away and Welcome. Business is the biggest thing which happens over here. Because all the F words I mentioned in the title, meets money at the end. To meet the fashion, food, fun and fantasies, one must need money. Hence, the flow of money here is always overflowing. People never complain about the scenario too, regardless the fluctuating value of rupee. The crowd here has the affordability levels which meet their every single basic and lavish needs. And that doesn't mean, only the rich can pay the visit. You can explore the whole Connaught place in both hundreds and thousands of rupees too. From a basic phone holder to Apple products, from Meetha pan to Lasagna, from water bottle to costliest cocktail, from a clutch to DA Milano bag, from Chetan Bhagat to Dan Brown, from Love to Lust, each and everything is available here.

The view from inside of my favorite cafe place

This whole place has given me blended experiences and mixed opinions. Some hated me to the core and some loved me to the extremes. Some used to stalk me and some used to stare at me. Some used to compliment my dressing style and some used to pass comments on my behind.

Every day when I used to roam from A block to N block, I used to get a lot of stares and comments. But I used to revert them with savage looks and savage signs (mostly middle finger). That was the reason, I used to appreciate this place every single day. Getting decked up like an Arabian Princess everyday, I used to nail every step with all my quirky shoe collections. That was totally like enjoying myself. Though there was a lot of criticism out there, I could enjoy every single bit of it, the love and the hatred too. This place has given me some closest pals in Delhi. And this place has also given me some stories untold. Connaught Place is a must visit location in Delhi to unleash the inner star in you.

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