Everything you need to know about Ejaculations!

It's not the end of the story or about the end of a sex session because whenever someone talks about ejaculations, people have this pointless perception, that it must be all about climaxing! Before knowing everything about ejaculations, you must know that ejaculating semen or cum is not at all the last activity a man performs in bed with his partner, sexually! There's a lot more to know about those relaxing and satisfying orgasms out of gay sex!

  • If you are a gay couple or a homosexual male, make sure you respect the process of ejaculation without being selfish. That's unfair on your part. Just because you climax with utmost satisfaction, it doesn't mean, your sensual session came to an end. Have a minimum common sense, to think about your partner and his ejaculations too!

  • There is no rule that a person can't ejaculate in the middle of sex. Try to understand basic biology instead of over-thinking and over-stressing. Midway sexual ejaculation shouldn't be considered as a turn-off at all. Grow up, sex isn't only about making a penis let its loadout. You can do many things with other body parts in the most sensual way!