Everything you need to know about Ejaculations!

It's not the end of the story or about the end of a sex session because whenever someone talks about ejaculations, people have this pointless perception, that it must be all about climaxing! Before knowing everything about ejaculations, you must know that ejaculating semen or cum is not at all the last activity a man performs in bed with his partner, sexually! There's a lot more to know about those relaxing and satisfying orgasms out of gay sex!

  • If you are a gay couple or a homosexual male, make sure you respect the process of ejaculation without being selfish. That's unfair on your part. Just because you climax with utmost satisfaction, it doesn't mean, your sensual session came to an end. Have a minimum common sense, to think about your partner and his ejaculations too!

  • There is no rule that a person can't ejaculate in the middle of sex. Try to understand basic biology instead of over-thinking and over-stressing. Midway sexual ejaculation shouldn't be considered as a turn-off at all. Grow up, sex isn't only about making a penis let its loadout. You can do many things with other body parts in the most sensual way!

  • Of course, you must consider the aspect of premature ejaculations. If it happens once in a blue moon, you don't have to worry about it, as it could be because of the time gap or excess load in your testicles. But, if you experience the same thing repetitively, you must consult a sex counselor or sex doctor.

  • Sex is both physical and psychological. Hence, whatever issues you face intimately in bed, you need to think from both perspectives as it may affect your ejaculations, physically and psychologically! Do you know that performance anxiety is one of the vital reasons behind premature ejaculations? So, never ignore your psychological approach towards sex!

  • If you are a gay couple, understand and try to handle each other's post-ejaculating moods. A few men ultimately act cozy, and a few men repel from their partners right after dumping their cum. But you need to bridge a gap between these two extreme behavioral patterns. Hence, after your partner ejaculates, instead of moving too close or getting out of bed, make sure you spend some time taking deep breaths by sleeping side by side. After that, cuddle for some more time, to let those moods settle down for good.

  • Some gays like their partners to release their loads inside of their bodies. That's okay because there's no way a man can get pregnant because of another man's semen. But you need to know your partner's sexual health because bodily fluids, especially semen, may transfer various STDs and there are high chances for a person to get infected with HIV.

  • Similarly, a few sexually experimental gays, love to swallow one's partner's cum. It is also completely fine as the seminal fluid consists of albumin protein and amino acids which provide some protein content. So, there's no danger in tasting or swallowing cum but again, you need to be completely sure of the sexual wellness of your partner.

  • Ejaculation is a fetish. Yes, for a particular set of gays who gets intensely attracted and obsessed with other person's ejaculations or spilling of cum. That's where you find the terms called facial, pearl necklace, and cum dump. Now you may feel extremely weird about knowing the stories behind these terms but yeah they do exist and people do follow these sensual activities.

  • Cum facial is a sensual behavior where a person releases his load on his partner's face and completely spread all over the face, either with his fingers or his manhood. Pearl necklace is a sensual behavior where a person spreads the droplets of his ejaculations all over the neck of his partner. As the color of cum resembles the white pearl, hence the name. (puns intended.)

  • You call a person, a cum dump, especially when that person or gay or a man who loves to receive as many cum loads from various other men. You can see such gay men, only in gay orgies as it is completely a group gay sex behavior or a group sex fetish! Isn't the aspect of ejaculations, quite extreme?