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Enough is enough....

This single phrase is enough to think about yourself and others, especially about the situations you are webbed. Some of us are sensitive and emotional, some of us are tough and inexpressive. But every one of us falls into the trap of feelings one or the other way. It might be lust, love, hatred, grudge, disgust or anger. Ultimately, the effect is going to be on a person's identity and especially the mindset which is important to survive in this sick society.

Love is an emotion that happens to be a reason to give birth to too many other feelings. Some are positive which improves a person and some are negative, which degrades a person. For some, love is intense, pure and treated as a sacred thing. But for some, it's just a game to play in leisure times. For some, love is all about communicating and expressing no matter what regardless of the situations and people around them. But for some, love is all about having a person beside them whenever they want and whenever they can provide time and these people consider every single aspect around them. Love is an expression and it must be expressed, but some people fail to express this emotion. The fact is, all the inexpressive people start blaming others for their disability of being expressive. And they feel a little expression as an intensive one. And this is where the problem lies in a relationship between a couple in which two people are opposite in expressing their feelings.

Strictly speaking, it isn't the mistake of people who are inexpressive in love, it is the mistake of people who can express every single emotion so perfectly that it could reach the other person's face like a slap. Be it happiness or sadness or anger or disappointment, whatever, it just visible as too much to handle. These people have to work on controlling their emotions and keeping themselves as their top priority than giving too much affection or attention to others.

Some people, face too many breakups in their life, it might be their fault or the people they choose to love, but ultimately the effect will be seen mostly in the people who are a bit emotional than others. They should consider this phrase "Enough is Enough". Because they must realize that they are just enough to deal themselves without any intervention of others in their life under the name of love. Aren't you enough to love yourself? Well, who can love you better than you? Of course, you must need a partner to love more than you love yourself and that doesn't mean you should entertain every single person who steps in your life. Don't you agree with that?

There is no rule that whatever proportion of emotions you deliver to others, you get the same proportion in return. If you feel stubborn about expecting the same proportion of emotions, your expectations become directly proportional to your disappointments too. It's that simple and you don't have any right to impose your expectations on others, including the person you date or love or committed to.

But, one more thing, you completely don't have to give up on your expectations. Enough of expecting from wrong people, enough of feeling disappointed by the people who doesn't deserve your expectation, enough of sulking for people who doesn't give a damn to your feelings, enough of thinking about people who won't think about you when they are stuck up with their busy schedules, enough of making people famous with your undivided attention, enough of expecting attentions from people who only give attention to you when they are free, enough of dealing people with too much of patience, enough of handling people's excuses though you feel them as unconvincing, enough of giving your time for discussions in expecting a change from people, enough of loving someone too much that they feel it as intense and suffocating, enough of begging people to love you back the same way you love them, enough of caring about them when they think that you are bothering too much, enough of crying for people who never sheds a tear for you, enough of assuming things, enough of predicting being normal, enough of being portrayed as someone you are surely not, enough of being compared by the people who don't know the value of yours, enough of walking with people when you know the path is going to be painful, enough of loving someone who can't understand the worth of your love.

It is undoubtedly hard to commit every single phrase that has mentioned above. But we are humans, nothing is impossible to us and when it comes for the sake of our wellness, we must strive hard to put an end to things that throw us into emotional trauma and affects our mental abilities. We always too many chances for ourselves to love others with utmost hope and dedication. But when you reach the rock bottom or your saturation point, you will feel that you are completely devastated and frustrated enough to handle people and their daily dramas. At this point, most of us think that we are giving up on something we love or we want for our whole life, but it is not giving up at all, it is just realizing that you have had enough.

Just breathe and say aloud "Enough is Enough" and start living life the way you love and start appreciating people who love you the most but before that start loving yourself than anyone else. Because you are enough to do that to yourself. Spread love, only to the people who deserve it. Never get degraded by someone who can ever understand your emotions of love.

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