Embracing the pain of love...

If it isn't painful, it is not loved. Pleasure and pain always travel together, especially when a person shares a romantic love bond with another person. Pain exists in love in various ways. Initially, it exists in struggling with feelings and emotions before getting committed to a person and during the relationship, it exists in understanding and adjusting with the person we love and after the breakup, it exists in getting out of that good old love. Though it gives utmost satisfaction in being loved, it also gives a person a tint of pain in its every stage and especially in its end, the level of pain escalates. But, instead of escaping this pain, a person must embrace it in every possible way to feel the pleasure of love through his/her future partner. Because only pain can give the ray of hope in Love.

Many can't understand this and most of the people deny believing the pain of love because they assume the end of a relationship is the end of the concept of love in their life. Some around us, fail in love after keeping a lot of faith in love, which breaks them apart into pieces and they form an opinion that they can never handle love anymore and they will never fall in love with any person. But this is not exactly the criteria in the future. A person can never resist falling in love with another person in his whole lifetime. Love never dies, only the pain dominates it. Hence, a person should embrace the pain gracefully, with all the tears and memories which make them feel the worth of love.

Yes, thinking about memories gives a lot of pain and that's something any human can never escape from. It's a natural process that a person ruminates the memories which made him fall in love and also come out of the relationship, that's called cherishing and understanding the circumstances. It is needed to know the worth of a person whom we love and the worth of ourselves being in love.