Eat ass when you are sensually hungry!

Because that's the exclusive thing which is gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, and most importantly which can completely fulfill your hunger with unlimited quantity! Okay, if you are feeling yucky already, then you must remain the one who has never tasted a sensual ass. Unfortunately, that's sad that you couldn't explore one of the parts of the sex world out there. If you think, butts are to penetrate and experience anal sex without having the pleasure of tasting them, then it's high time that you must debut to get into the warm world of an ass which you can explore through your tongue. But wait, as a beginner or else a person who wants to be a pro at eating ass, you must know how to eat it properly!

Come out of that ignorant world, if you think that only gays eat bubble butts of their partners. Regardless of the genders and orientation, everyone is blessed with an anus. Which means everyone can eat their partners' butts, if and only if you decide to explore the sensuality beyond the warm butt hole of your partner. All you need is to have consensual sex with your partner to eat ass.

To begin with, don't consider the term "eat" literally. It's just metaphorical. Eating ass doesn't mean to get into the soul of a cannibal and consuming the flesh of your partner's ass. That's unimaginable. Some people use teeth while eating ass. Stop doing that and think about how you react if someone bites your genitals. Eating ass is all about appreciating, sensing, and tasting through your tongue. So use your mouth as if you are licking ice cream and don't use your mouth as if you are eating a hot dog! Observe the difference!

Eating ass means eating it completely. Hence, instead of just sticking to the butt hole, embrace the whole area in and around it. Butt cheeks, butt cracks, and butt hole, altogether make a whole butt. So squeeze those cheeks, run your finger or tip of your tongue along the crack and slightly slip your tongue inside the butt hole. This makes you a whole ass eater. Don't forget multitasking while eating!

Understand the body form of your partner and act accordingly. If you are a gay top, observe the body form of your partner whether he's lean, plump, hunky, because according to it, you can opt for a perfect oral sex position to eat your partner's ass properly without any mess-ups in between. Make sure you must select a position that allows both of you to give and receive comfortably. Eating ass mean rimming, licking, sucking, and fingering too!

Widen it up, baby! If you just flick your tongue through the closed butt hole and of your partner's butt crack, then it's not eating ass. Get inside the world of ass. Gracefully spread the hole of your partner's ass by enticing and relaxing him soothingly through your tongue. Grab the butt cheeks with hands and slightly move them away and sink your face in between the butt slit and rigorously run the tip of your tongue up and down to make your partner feel sensual. This creates a butt relaxation effect and allows your partner to open up inside out.

As eating ass comes under oral sex, your talks play a major role to arouse your partner and improve your performance too. Don't clutch them as hurdles. Employ your hands to massage them slightly and use your mouth to such those balls. It would be more intense if you extend your tongue from the head of the penis to the end of the butt crack via butt hole of your partner at one shot. This is an intense way of eating ass by embracing the whole genital act of your partner.

Communication is the key factor in any kind of sex. As eating ass comes under oral sex, your talks carry out a vital role to arouse your partner and improve your performance too. Some people feel soothingly aroused when they hear some dirty, kinky, and sensual phrases. Use them to let him think you have a plan of action. Instead of completely digging your face in the ass, ask him how he feels and what more can you do to be better at the game. Make your partner moan like anything. Because this is when you can be clear that you are performing good work.

Listen to your partner. If he/she comes up with suggestions to make it more intense, try to give a damn about it, instead of executing your act like a pre-planned machine. Because sometimes, your partner may desire you to kiss and acquire the taste of eating his ass through your tongue. When he asks you to kiss, resume it for a bit and lock your tongue to let him/her know how you value his/her words, especially in a sensual environment.

Fingering enacts a major role in eating ass because you can suck a mango through your mouth and also you can eat the pieces of it through a fruit fork. What do you say? Running your fingers in and out of the hole and passing through the butt crack is all about sensing the inside world. That's like a semi penetration. Make your saliva as a lube to get into his hole by licking your fingers first and digging his hole. If you want, you can use water-based flavored lubes and natural products like milk, honey and chocolate syrup to add a taste for your partner's ass.

On top, make sure that your partner is clean, hygienic, and well maintained before getting into the action. Because no wants to taste shit at the end of the day. And see to that your partner is tested negative with all the STDs because anal areas contain many intestinal bacteria that can be spread easily. If your partner is clean, you are good to go any day!

Most importantly, to all the people who consider eating ass as a taboo or some annoying thing people commit when they are horny, you must understand that eating ass portrays a prominent role in oral pleasures of sex in the world of Kamasutra. No bad about things give pleasure, it's all good in the game! All you need to know is how to play well and now that you know the basic and advanced rules, what are you waiting for? Start playing with your partners' wiggling butts!

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