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Dos and Don'ts to strengthen your queer personality by the next Pride Month!

People evolve with time because that's how nature works. Queer people's existence is quite natural, and they too gradually evolve by witnessing changes in their lifestyle scenarios and differences in their queer personalities, mostly the good ones. Unfortunately, there is a high chance for any queer person to feel demotivated during the course of evolution and that could literally shrink a person's identity even more and may throw that person in darkness way deep in the closet. Regardless of orientations, identities and closeted statuses, it is important for every queer person to focus on a few things to work on them regularly to emerge as a better and strong queer person than before.

Keep a goal of becoming a powerful queer person by the next pride month. Here powerful doesn't mean that you should be someone completely different. Here powerfulness implies your boldness, courage and openness. So, be a better queer person than this year and flaunt your powerful queer personality the next pride month by being stronger!

  • Don't entertain the pattern of getting influenced by people's opinions, especially in terms of behavioural attributes and dressing choices.

  • Don't overthink your queer presence among crowds. No one spends more than 5 secs looking at you. So stop feeling conscious every time you step out.

  • Don't be desperate enough in expecting support and acceptance from ignorant people.

  • Don't forget that you are capable enough to make your own decisions and implement your own thoughts instead of depending on other queer people around you.

  • Do work on your individuality and independence.

  • Do, initiate conversations with people. You never know what they can reckon to your life scenario.

  • Do, love yourself inevitably and always prioritise your needs, wishes and desires instead of suppressing yours while fulfilling others'

  • Do help other queer people when you know that you can extend your support, attention and a little bit of affection for being a fellow queer human.

  • Don't be aggressive even though a lot going through in your life. Try to remain calm and try to improve your patience levels in terms of handling your issues calmly.

  • Don't be an over-giver or over-receiver. Try to balance out your emotions and feelings even though the other person is your partner.

  • Don't stoop down your levels for temporary happiness by ruining your permanent peace.

  • Don't beg for love. Don't get addicted to drugs. Don't be obsessed with sex.

  • Do, maintain yourself well physically and psychologically. There is no wrong in seeking help. Be a mature person and try approaching people when you are in dire need of help.

  • Do some charity to queer individuals and organisations who are needy. Also, be the person who can be approachable and appealing to assist others or allow others to help you.

  • Do invest your time, energy and efforts in learning the recent elevations in the queer community, and various unknown identities of people from various nooks and corners of the world.

  • Don't stop the process of learning after reaching a point where you are open to possibilities. So, keep exploring people, places, perceptions and perspectives.

  • Don't let others demean, devalue and degrade you or any other queer person in your presence. Stand up for yourself and also for others.

  • Don't fuel the stereotypes instead break them as much as you can to regulate the normality in society regarding queer people.

  • Don't bend yourself, especially in front of typical societal norms and gender norms. The more you bend, the more the typical society takes advantage of your queer personality.

  • Don't fall in love for the sake of peer pressure or don't feel pressurised to be in a queer relationship. Don't get committed with the wrong ones and regret it later, instead take your time in choosing your partners.

  • Do behave and treat others the way you want to get treated.

  • Don't try to be right and perfect all the time. Make mistakes and learn from them, be confused and get clarity out of it, and evolve through your imperfections.

  • Don't be judgmental because being a queer person you can easily relate to how it feels like to be judged all the time.

  • Don't let yourself down by self-doubting and self-degrading. You are not a disappointment at all, and you can't reach others' expectations all the time. Try to be sane enough to deal with your issues without giving up on them.

These all seem very basic, but most of us completely overlook them and feel disoriented getting succumbed to ignorant influences and unreliable emotions. Pride months come and go, every year, but you should notice your evolvement from one pride month to the next one and that happens only when you work on your queer personality to motivate yourself and inspire others.

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