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Dos and Don'ts of casual dating!

Everyone goes through the casual dating phase before taking things further and getting into serious commitments and this is the phase where a couple gets to know about each other deeply in every possible way. Every person likes getting into this casual dating except the ones who love one night stands more than anything else. Casual dating is not at all casual and indeed it must be taken seriously if you want to get into a serious relationship with any person. Just because the phrase sounds casual, you must not take it casually, especially when you are dealing with a demisexual person!

Having demisexuality as a sub orientation, a person only opens up further with another person with whom he/she feels comfortable, trustworthy, and emotionally connected and all of this happens only through casual dating because the concept of sex is null in the aspect of casual dating. And there are many more aspects, a person needs to focus on to get through this face to witness the further intensity of a relationship.

Casual dating is all about appreciating each other personally not physically. A rigid rule is that one shouldn't speak of having sexual intimacy during this phase because that may irk off, the other person and you may lose him/her, especially with demisexuals, you shouldn't talk about sex because they can't and won't feel the same thing with you until and unless they find an emotional connection with you. So, don't ruin the casual romantic moments for the sake of bodily pleasures.

Always maintain limitations to your gestures. It doesn't mean that you should restrict your emotions, but you must surely have control over them to showcase them in a meaningful way instead of freaking your partner by showing a building and talking about moving in it. Most people don't like foreseeing a faraway future during casual dating. So, stop expressing tons of love at one moment. Take it slowly and maintain patience.

Don't filter your opinions on any issue and always try to speak your mind regardless of the consequences because through this you will get to know how your partner takes your originality and if someone can't handle the reality of yours, they will walk off but if your dating partner likes and accepts the way you are, then what else do you want more than that. This kind of originality is more important in casual dating.

Because, if you convince yourself and your personality to impress your partner, then you surely must face issues later when things get deep. If you don't like eating ice cream, just say it, if not you have to pretend or eat forcefully every time you step in an ice cream store. It applies to every particular aspect of your life.

Casual dating is more about understanding each other's preferences, likes, dislikes, ethics, and personalities. It is not about convincing, restricting, and going against yourself. If you take things casually in casual dating, they will get serious later when you step into a committed relationship. Observe the fact that, little things matter.

You don't have to invest a lot of money in casual dating which means you don't have to show off your expenses on things just to impress your partner. A true dating partner who wants to share your life further can remain happy if you gift some flowers or a card. Instead of planning rich elite dates, try grabbing a bowl of popcorn and binge watch an interesting series on Netflix. Keep it casual, just Netflix and chill.

Going out for movies, meeting for lunches and dinners, hanging out at cafes, are the kind of regular rituals you must follow to understand your partner's personality when he/she out in public. There are two personalities for a person. You must perceive a person when he is with you in public and when he is with you in private. If you encounter a drastic change between these two personalities, then you must give a second thought about your partner. Some people try to remain the same and most of them act a bit differently with you when they privately share space with you. If you witness any kind of care, affection, comfort, then you can be sure of that person without any doubts.

Avoid engaging your partner to meet your friends and families. This may create unnecessary confusion because of the mixed opinions of people. When you are in the casual dating phase, keep it simple and keep it yourself. If you feel a moment that you must make your partner meet your friends to continue further, then go ahead but never conclude by considering others' opinions. Influential thoughts may ruin a bond between two people. Just meet them for the sake of hanging out, not for validation.

Understand the difference between "I Like you" and "I Love you"! Don't be a prick and throw the three magical words just like that. Take some time and if you feel like you are loving your partner, express subtly and indirectly instead of taking a bouquet, champagne bottle, and a ring, to kneel in front of him/her to propose. Who knows you may get denied. Hence, don't take the chance of becoming a fool.

Maintain the proper balance of emotions, make your partner feel that he/she can lean on you, understand both the sides of an issue, communicate and express what you feel like without an exaggeration, try to spend time to know each other, send fewer texts and do more phone calls or video calls, try to meet regularly, put your efforts by focusing on little detailing and altogether, take casual dating in a seriously casual way!

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